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APS Named Top HR Software in Mid-Year FrontRunners Report

FrontRunners Midyear Report 2021 Blog

APS has been recognized as a top HR software in the Midyear Software Advice Frontrunners report by Gartner. Learn more!

APS is excited to be featured on Software Advice’s 2021 Midyear Top HR Software FrontRunners report. This report includes the nine top-rated products consistently featured in Software Advice’s FrontRunner reports for HR and related categories released over the first half of 2021.

We are featured on this list because we focus on creating a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for core HR and payroll tasks. Achievements like Software Advice FrontRunners prove our focus and determination to provide an optimal customer experience through intuitive technology.

So, what does APS’ placement on this report mean, and why does this ranking matter to you? In this article, we’ll discuss how Software Advice chose APS for inclusion in this report. We’ll also explain how achievements like this can help you select a human resources provider to be your partner in success.

What is the 2021 Midyear Top HR Software FrontRunners Report?

This list of highly-rated HR software providers includes companies who are consistent top-performers across various HR software categories in FrontRunners reports. These reports use reviews from real software users for their rankings, so you know that the feedback accurately represents the services a company provides.
APS stood among the top-rated products with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. We appeared a total of five times within the following categories:

Why are FrontRunners Reports Important?

Let’s face it – you usually figure out if you like something or not after buying it. This sentiment is especially true when it comes to buying and using technology.

The Software Advice Top HR Software FrontRunners report helps businesses choose the right human resources information system to automate core HR processes and tackle strategic initiatives.

Human resources professionals can use this report to narrow their HR platform search and focus on the top choices. The report outlines information about different HR system providers, including usability and customer satisfaction scores. Potential buyers can then see how HR vendors compare against each other and make a more informed decision.
The Midyear Top HR Software FrontRunners report can help mid-sized and small businesses choose the best management platform for:

What Software Advice Has to Say About APS’ Score

“Software Advice uses reviews from real software users to highlight top-rated software products in FrontRunners reports. APS distinguished itself from over 1,000 products by placing in 5 distinct FrontRunners reports for multiple HR software categories in the first half of 2021.”

How Are the Midyear Top HR Software FrontRunners Chosen?

A vendor earns a spot on the Midyear Top HR Software FrontRunners report when it scores high on the Software Advice FrontRunners report. Reports include proprietary research that identifies top software vendors based on their recent user ratings and popularity released so far this year.

Eligibility Criteria

A vendor must meet specific criteria to be eligible for a FrontRunners report. These criteria include:

Scoring Methodology

Software Advice uses data from verified software users to create their FrontRunners reports. Software Advice scores the provider to determine placement on the FrontRunners graph once a software product meets the criteria.

For products included, the Usability and Customer Satisfaction scores determine their positions on the FrontRunners graphic. Only products which score in the upper right-hand quadrant in their respective markets are included in the FrontRunners report.

To learn more about the Software Advice FrontRunners methodology, click here.

As FrontRunners is based on genuine user reviews, we want to thank our esteemed users who love our product. Here’s what users have said about APS’ payroll and HR technology:


“I love how user-friendly this software is! It was a fairly seamless transition from the previous provider and has been easy to use and a breath of fresh air. Processing payroll is a breeze and I am so happy we made the change.”


“I was impressed with APS being on top of getting an FFCRA dashboard set up so quickly during the pandemic. We were able to pay our employees correctly without delay.”


“Simple and well organized for use. Lots of features, but not complexity. Customer service is the BEST … real people available to talk to you right away … and they know their stuff!”

How Software Advice Reports Can Help You Choose an HR Software Provider

Reports like Software Advice’s Midyear Top HR Software FrontRunners give HR managers the advantage of immediately narrowing their search based on their individual needs. Because Software Advice bases its report rankings on authentic user feedback, prospective customers can learn about user satisfaction ratings, specific product offerings, and more viewing FrontRunners lists.

These customer reviews give HR professionals a realistic understanding of what a potential human resource management system offers and can help narrow down the search from hundreds of companies to just a few. By learning about the customer experience from a current client, you can better understand what to expect from a provider when it comes time to make a purchase

How APS Prioritizes the User Experience

APS’ mission is to make payroll and HR easier for our customers. Since 2014, we have consistently ranked on Software Advice FrontRunners reports for our HR products and customer support services. We’ve also earned other Gartner awards for features like usability, customer satisfaction, and functionality.

Choosing APS means choosing a partner dedicated to your growth and success. Here’s how we value our customers:

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Dedicated Support

Leverage the power of a four-person dedicated support team. Your support team is just a phone call, support request, or email away to answer any questions you may have.

Commitment to Success

Partner with a success coordinator who understands your business, challenges, and goals for a quicker return on your investment.
Phone, Email, Support Request

Lifetime Training

Receive lifetime training from our team of experts to help you master the APS system at no additional cost to you.

With APS, you’ll gain a workforce partner committed to your business. To learn more about what APS can do for you, schedule a personalized demo today!

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