APS Beats Three Largest Payroll Technology Providers

APS beats the three largest payroll providers in technology in CPA Practice Advisor’s 2011 National Professional Payroll Program Review.

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APS Beats the Three Largest Payroll Providers in Technology

APS Beats the Three Largest Payroll Providers in Technology
APS’s payroll solution beats the largest national payroll providers in CPA Practice Advisor’s 2011 National Professional Payroll Program Review. APS was reviewed in the Outsourced Systems and Programs Class, receiving a 4.5 out of 5.0 overall score and a 4.75 score in the Reporting & Monitoring and Integration/Import & Export categories, the highest score received by any provider in a review category.

“Our strategy with APS OnLine was to develop a highly intuitive SaaS product which could adapt to meet changing customer needs,” noted APS President Aaron Johnson. “This review is another confirmation that we are successfully executing our plan. APS OnLine provides a simple to use payroll processing, time & attendance, and HR solution that is an important component of a company’s workforce management strategy.”

The APS Review authored by Stephen M. Phelan, CPA noted that APS, as a payroll processing company, files and pays all payroll tax payments on behalf of its clients. Reports and forms are processed via electronic submission as accepted by respective tax jurisdictions. Once payroll runs are completed, all related data is locked down and may not be altered. “This ensures that historical data and related reports remain accurate,” said Phelan.

Phelan also noted that numerous standard employee and HR Reports are included in the APS OnLine system, and reports are easily accessed through an expanding folder tree design. “Custom reports can be created and filtered through practically any data field type within the company file setup,” said Phelan. “All reports can be exported to PDF, Excel or HTML formats.”

In addition, the reviewer pointed out that over 100 integrations with accounting general ledger and timekeeping programs are built in. “APS OnLine also integrates with many outside retirement, investment and benefit providers,” noted Phelan. “The vendor offers several add-on time and attendance products that directly integrate with APS OnLine, and many of these can be accessed through the employee portals and can reduce data-entry time required to process payroll.”

Phelan also noted that APS offers many web-based strengths and services designed for the small to mid-size business market which may be conveniently accessed through any modern Internet browser. Services he highlighted which are provided at no additional charge include:

  • The ability to allow multi-state payroll withholdings for employees
  • Secure document filing with different permission levels
  • eSELFSERVE employee portal which permits employees to enter routine requests such as asking for time off from work

APS Marketing & Sales Director Christian Valiulis agrees. “We are bringing an enterprise solution to the mid-market and our customers recognize the value,” said Valiulis. “APS OnLine allows customers to benefit from the best online technology and enjoy individualized customer service all while reducing their operating cost and payroll outsourcing fees.”

About APS

APS is a national cloud-based HR solution provider and online payroll company committed to delivering value through flexible cloud technology and individualized support. Our cloud-based HR solution provides online payroll services, core HR, time & attendance, self-service, ACA reporting and compliance tools, and mobile in a single platform which can adapt to meet changing needs of companies in a wide range of industries. More information about APS products and services may be viewed at www.apspayroll.com.