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April, 2019

C-Suite Chats with Christian Valiulis

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C-Suite Chats With Christian Valiulis, April 2019

Each month, members of the Forbes Business Development Council come together for Q&A sessions about relevant, important topics in the business world. The council recently touched on ways to keep up with industry trends to starting an employee advocacy program. Here’s what Christian Valiulis, our very own CRO and member had to say:

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Question 1

What social media marketing and selling strategies do you find most effective for earning and keeping customers?

Christian: Start An Employee Advocacy Program

One thing we’ve started in the past year is a social-media-based employee advocacy program. When our employees share how important it is to make their clients’ experience a part of their personal success, there’s a trust generated we could’ve never cultivated on our own. The company also becomes more credible when prospects see for themselves we mean what we say.

Now more than ever, businesses are turning to social media to earn and keep loyal customers. Whether you offer solutions through education or promote without being promotional, your company needs to incorporate a social media plan to your overall marketing and sales strategy. Read more from the Forbes Business Development Council in Eight Social Media Strategies To Earn And Keep Loyal Customers.

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Question 2

Automation can streamline many conventional customer touch points: Technologies like AI can take the wheel in areas ranging from email marketing to chat support. What is your most effective strategy for maintaining a personal touch in customer communications in the technology-driven business environment?

Christian: Provide Multiple Channels Of Communication

Your customers are your number-one priority and having effective customer communication is crucial. Provide your customers with multiple channels to communicate with you, and let them choose the channel that works best for them. Be sure to build in breakpoints within your channels to ensure your customers have another way to reach someone if an urgent issue occurs.

Although automation can be an excellent tool for efficient and fast communication, ideas and messages can get misconstrued when there isn’t a personal touch in customer connection. Learning how to balance personal and automated communication can make or break your customer service with current clients or potential prospects. Read more on How To Strike A Balance Between Humans And Automation In Customer Communications from the Forbes Business Development Council.

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Question 3

What is one of the most important skills for business development leaders to hone, and why is it crucial for success in the current business climate?

Christian: A Future-Oriented Mindset

Business development leaders need to be able to analyze and associate with opportunities before trends hit the industry. They should have the experience and knowledge to adapt to fluid industry trends and develop an effective strategy early in the game. They need to have the mindset of looking past the current momentum of the industry and spotting upcoming opportunities before the competition does.

Companies can no longer succeed in today’s business climate on luck alone. Organizations are utilizing business development leaders to help efficiently guide the company towards increased profits and clientele. Learn 11 Skills To Hone As A Business Development Leader from the Forbes Business Development Council.

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Question 4

Engaging with your company’s local community can be a great way to get your name out there, understand your audience, or give back to your local community. What are some strategies your business uses to make a positive impact in your local area? How can leaders make sure this approach generates positive PR?

Christian: Leverage Social Media for a Larger Reach

Focus on causes your employees are passionate about, then develop a PR and social media plan to create awareness. Whether your company is raising online giving funds for a sick co-worker or using hashtags to create awareness for a disaster in your area, leveraging viral social media tactics creates an increased reach of awareness for both your organization and the cause.

Giving back to the local community is a great way for companies to harness and gain positive PR for their organization. Many businesses aren’t sure of what strategies to implement to get the most out of their community engagement efforts. From engaging with future generations to listening to community experts, read Six Community Engagement Strategies To Help Companies Give Back And Gain Business from the Forbes Business Development Council.

Sales Leader
Question Mark

Question 5

 As a sales leader, what is your favorite way to motivate your salespeople? Why is this strategy effective?

Christian: Implement A Leaderboard

A simple but powerful way to motivate salespeople is integrating a leaderboard into monthly sales meetings. The leaderboard gives sales reps real-time visibility into who is on top and who needs to step it up. Having a leaderboard creates public recognition for a successful month and gives sales reps lower on the leaderboard the opportunity to change their selling strategy.

It’s no surprise that business leaders want their sales team to be motivated and ready to work each day, but it doesn’t always end up that way without the proper guidance. It’s essential to find the right tactics that work best in motivating and encouraging your sales team to hit their numbers and close sales deals. Read more on motivational tactics from the Forbes Business Development Council in Need To Motivate Your Sales Team? Try These Seven Tactics.


About Forbes Business Development Council:

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About Christian Valiulis

Chief Revenue Officer Christian Valiulis at APS is a member of the Forbes Business Development Council. As a national human capital management and full-service payroll processing company, APSdelivers a unified cloud solution backed by guaranteed payroll tax compliance services. Christian oversees marketing and sales, channel partnerships, and strategic product and service alliances. Connect with him on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with his most recent publications.

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