March, 2019

C-Suite Chats With Christian Valiulis

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C-Suite Chats With Christian Valiulis, March 2019

Each month, members of the Forbes Business Development Council come together for Q&A sessions about relevant, important topics in the business world. The council recently touched on ways to keep up with industry trends to starting an employee advocacy program. Here’s what Christian Valiulis, our very own CRO and member had to say:

Question Mark

Question 1

Customer churn can pose a big challenge to many companies. What are some of your best tips for maintaining communication and customer satisfaction to improve customer retention rates, especially for subscription and service-oriented products?

Christian: Solve A Problem Before It Starts

Create a team that’s responsible for proactive outreach on a scheduled basis for clients to stop any issues before they begin to become a problem. Use your Net Promoter Score (NPS) to better gauge the success of outreach and track their utilization of the product or service. Set triggers for different events during the client journey to identify when outreach should occur.

Eight Tips For Increasing Customer Retention Rates

As a growing business, you know how important it is to acquire customers, but it is even more important to keep those customers. From fostering post-sale relationships to offering great customer service, the Forbes Business Development Council shares their advice on increasing customer retention rates: Eight Tips For Increasing Customer Retention Rates.

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Question 2

Sometimes it can feel like different departments and leadership roles are working in silos, but understanding and integrating the goals of the CEO in day-to-day work can be crucial to organizational cohesion. What are some ways to improve communication and development strategy to ensure all biz dev leaders and their reports are working with the CEO’s larger goals in mind?

Christian: Open Up A Dialogue Between The CEO And Employees

Have the CEO frequently engage with the company, whether it’s in the form of a daily five-minute podcast or a monthly newsletter. This creates a direct line of communication from the top and reinforces the goals that are paramount for the organization as a whole. This way, goals are made clear from a singular source and everyone stays focused on the same ones.

Suffering From Silos?
Try These Seven Strategies For Creating Organizational Cohesion

Now more than ever, companies need to be in cohesion when it comes to communication and strategy to successfully execute their business goals. If departments aren’t on the same page as the CEO or executive team, expectations are missed and business goals aren’t met. Read more about strategies that create cohesion from the Forbes Business Development Council in Suffering From Silos? Try These Seven Strategies For Creating Organizational Cohesion.

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Question 3

The changing priorities of millennials and generation z have challenged marketing professionals to evolve rapidly. what’s your best advertising or marketing strategy for resonating with younger generations, and why is it so effective?

Christian: Modernize the Brand to Generate Trust

One thing we’ve done this year was to implement a new, modern brand. We realized that we were actually losing business because people couldn’t easily identify who we were as a company - a frontrunner in HCM technology. Millennials and Gen Z especially will only engage with brands they trust, so have a trustworthy brand that reflects the values of the company to increase sales opportunities.

Seven Marketing Strategies For Reaching Younger Customers

Creating marketing strategies to successfully reach customers can be difficult, especially if you are targeting a specific age group. Businesses are shifting their marketing strategies to cater to Generation Z and Millennial customers. From building a genuine brand to going social, read Seven Marketing Strategies For Reaching Younger Customers from the Forbes Business Development Council.

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Question 4

What’s a common market risk you have to contend with in your business development work — such as frequently changing marketing or safety regulations — and what risk-management strategies do you recommend for handling it?

Christian: Keeping Up With Industry Trends

Industry disruptors can be a huge market risk if your business hasn’t prepared for a new service or product. Networking is everything, and by being well-connected, your business can be in the know about new market interests. You can also prepare for objections from prospects or current customers by knowing what the common pain points are in your industry.

How Business Development Leaders Can Overcome Six Market Risks

Every industry has its risks, whether it’s new technology hitting the market or a new company entering the industry. Businesses need to have risk management strategies in place to handle the changes those risks bring. Read more risk management strategies from the Forbes Business Development Council in How Business Development Leaders Can Overcome Six Market Risks.

March C-Suite Chats
Question Mark

Question 5

A lack of clarity in any area of business can complicate your efforts to grow, improve efficiency, or improve employee retention. How do you recommend overcoming common internal barriers to success like poor communication and unclear job roles and responsibilities? How has this improved your business?

Christian: Define Responsibilities Through A Standardized Process

Develop a standardized process for defining job roles and how each role has a responsibility for the overall success of the company. During the year, track how these defined, common responsibilities affect the growth of the business. By creating consistency in employees’ joint efforts toward the company’s success, you’ll see improvements in your business development strategy.

Nine Ways To Tear Down Internal Barriers To Team Clarity

It can be difficult to meet business goals when employees are unclear about their role in the company and how it contributes to the business’s success. Internal barriers like poor communication and nonexistent team accountability can throw a business’s strategy offcourse. From aligning departmental goals with company strategies to continually reviewing your performance guidelines, read Nine Ways To Tear Down Internal Barriers To Team Clarity from the Forbes Business Development Council.


About Forbes Business Development Council:

Forbes Business Development Council is an invitation-only organization for senior-level sales and business development executives. Find out if you qualify at forbesbizdevcouncil.com/qualify.

About Christian Valiulis

Chief Revenue Officer Christian Valiulis at APS is a member of the Forbes Business Development Council. As a national human capital management and full-service payroll processing company, APSdelivers a unified cloud solution backed by guaranteed payroll tax compliance services. Christian oversees marketing and sales, channel partnerships, and strategic product and service alliances. Connect with him on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with his most recent publications.

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