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Payroll and Tax Compliance

ACA Compliance: General Method Reporting

ACA Compliance: General Method Reporting

How ACA General Method Reporting Works The general method requires the greatest amount of information collection. All large employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees are required to use this method unless they qualify for reporting relief provided by...

2014 FUTA Credit Reduction States

2014 FUTA Credit Reduction States What is FUTA? FUTA is the Federal Unemployment Tax, which provides for payments of unemployment compensation to workers who have lost their jobs. This tax is paid by employers and is not withheld from employees’ wages. The...

2014 Payroll Tax Changes

2014 Payroll Tax Changes Looking For Current Payroll Tax Changes? It is important to be familiar with changes in payroll taxes each year to accurately process payroll. See Current Payroll Tax Rates and Changes What’s in Store for 2014? There are a number of 2014...