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How HR Technology Helps Small Businesses During a Crisis

We partnered with GetApp to understand software adaptation and help you learn how HR technology helps small businesses during a crisis.

How HR Technology Helps Small Businesses During a Crisis

Businesses of all sizes have been forced to change the structure of their workforces to survive. While some have found opportunities within the chaos, others have struggled to stay afloat. Small businesses, especially, had to adapt quickly to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and technology played a critical role.

We partnered with GetApp, an online resource for businesses looking for software as a service (SaaS) products, to better understand how small businesses are adopting software and the types of technology they’re using. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how HR technology helps small businesses during a crisis.

How Small Businesses Are Navigating This New Landscape

GetApp recently surveyed more than 500 small businesses to understand how they are navigating the COVID-19 crisis. After reviewing the responses, they came to the following conclusions:

1. Small business employees are feeling neglected and anxious due to a lack of communication from management.

2. Technology will be the key to SMB’s survival in the coming months.


The Role of Technology in an SMB Crisis Plan

Research shows that 36% of SMBs are adopting technology at a faster rate, and half of those surveyed are planning to increase software spend in response to the changing climate.

With 59% of SMBs agreeing they need new software will help them stay afloat, investing in technology is now considered part of a company’s crisis plan. While many organizations implemented cost-cutting measures like hiring freezes and travel bans, it’s clear that spending those funds on technology like payroll and HR solutions is a necessity.

cost cutting measures
HR professionals need technology to incorporate new employee statuses, track sick pay leave, and accurately process payroll now that businesses have reopened. With such a significant digital transformation to the workforce, cloud-based HR technology allows SMBs to better manage the nuances of their company and staff so they can focus on recovery.

Using Payroll and HR Technology to Communicate With Employees

The top tool that most companies adopted during the crisis was web conferencing software, followed by instant messaging technology. Yet, 1 in 5 employees felt their employers neglected to communicate the true impact of COVID-19. So if companies were investing in communication technology but employees felt neglected, what happened?

COVID Software Tool
When GetApp surveyed small business owners, they found that 21% admitted to having failed to effectively communicate ongoing COVID-19 related information with their employees. Furthermore, only 35% had created a resource hub for employees. While web conferencing tools may help businesses stay connected from a social stance, it wasn’t effective for communicating important employee information.
Covid Communication
This is where payroll and HR software can help foster employee communication. Most HR solutions give business owners the ability to create employee-facing resource hubs without having to purchase additional technology.

Managers can publish important information about updated company policies, return to work plans, and schedule changes. This ensures clear and accurate communication with employees so they know what to expect moving forward.

Zach Capers
Senior Analyst, GetApp

To ensure employees are supported during this period of uncertainty, SMBs need software solutions that foster clear communication and deliver accurate information.

Invest In Your Future

Investing in HR technology now can help your small business prepare for a future crisis and set you up for success. The workplace dynamic has shifted and it’s important to have tools in place to help your business adjust to both temporary and permanent changes. Payroll and HR software can be a short-term solution that benefits your long-term business strategy.

About GetApp

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Methodology & Disclaimer:

The digital transformation survey referenced in this article was conducted by GetApp in April 2020 among 503 respondents who reported executive leadership roles at small businesses with 250 or fewer employees.

The software buyer survey referenced in this article was conducted by GetApp from March 25 to April 5, 2020 and included more than 5,500 respondents. The respondents were website visitors on, and the number of respondents varied by question.

This document, while intended to inform our clients about the impact of the novel coronavirus on small businesses, is in no way intended to provide legal advice or to endorse a specific course of action.

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