July, 2017

The Importance of Usability in HR Technology

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The Importance of Usability in HR Technology

The world of an HR manager has evolved immensely over the past five years. What was once a very manual, paper-heavy role has become much more automated and tech savvy. But with a plethora of shiny and slick workforce management solutions out there to choose from, it’s easy to lose sight of a very important factor: usability.

The Importance of Usability

Once upon a time, it was enough to find a solution or solutions that could manage HR tasks like payroll, benefits administration, and time tracking. It was enough to automate these tasks and stop relying on manual processes to get the job done. And then we figured out that it wasn’t enough to automate HR processes. The automation had to ensure accuracy and reduce duplication of tasks. But now, it’s all about usability.

According a recent Aberdeen report, 40% of companies are blaming inefficiency in HR on solution disparities and low levels of usability. Translation: You can’t expect to accomplish anything if you can’t even use your brand new software investment. But what makes an HR solution easy to use?

Unified Architecture

Typically, companies have usability issues because their HR solution does not use a unified architecture with a centralized database. This means when data is entered, it is not automatically available in other processes such as benefits administration or time tracking. The result is platform jumping to re-enter data and that can lead to errors and inaccurate information.

This doesn’t sound very user-friendly, does it? A truly unified solution architecture provides a single data-entry point using a centralized database that connects all of your processes. And that saves you time and money.

Play Well Together

Even if you implement unified HR technology, you may still have other business investments that need to be integrated. Your accounting packages, retirement plans, and point-of-sale systems all need to play well with your HR platform to ensure maximum usability.

Now let’s take this to the next level. Another way to crank up the usability is by utilizing HR technology that allows you to automatically sync your benefit plan information to your providers. This eliminates the potential for errors, significantly reduces paperwork, and also enhances the employee experience. That’s why it’s important to evaluate vendors who are designing their platforms with usability in mind.

HR On the Go

Today’s society is all about immediacy. We expect to get the information we are looking for in a matter of seconds on our smartphones. If your HR technology doesn’t allow for data access from any device at any time, this will kill the usability potential of your investment.

You’ll be hard pressed to find an HR solution these days that doesn’t offer mobile access. Make sure the mobile capabilities meet the needs of your business. Can employees submit time off requests or clock in and out from their phone? Do managers have visibility into what is happening with their staff without being at their desks? If you can’t offer the same mobility people are used to in their personal lives, you can’t expect your employees to use the technology.

Ensuring Usability

The best to way to avoid the pitfall of implementing HR technology that is too complex to use is simple: Build your strategy around usability. Building a strategy around usability gives you very clear criteria for judging which solution is right for you. If users don’t use the technology, no matter how robust, your investment is wasted. And if your HR technology vendor prioritizes usability, that’s even better.

For more information on how your can achieve usability with your HR technology, download the Aberdeen HR Solutions: Usability, Efficiency, and Adoption report today. You may just find the secret ingredient for your HR success!

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