October, 2019

Introducing the New and Improved APS Website

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Introducing the New and Improved APS Website

Our dedication to providing the ultimate customer experience led us on a journey of our own. The result is a newly redesigned website as well as a more defined company mission statement and core values. While our website has changed, our commitment to our customers has not. We embarked on this journey because we’re passionate about providing the best possible user experience.

Our customers will continue to be the driving force behind what we do: developing workforce management technology that makes payroll and HR easier. Let’s dive into the story behind why we chose to update our website’s look and feel, as well as what’s next for APS.

Why the New Site?

As a best-in-class workforce management software company, we are committed to developing technology that makes payroll and HR easier for our customers. Our website aesthetic needed to accurately reflect our position as a best-in-class payroll and HR platform. Before we started redesigning, we wanted to rethink our mission statement and core values so we could incorporate them into our site.

Reimagining Our Mission and Core Values

Payroll and HR tasks aren’t getting any less demanding, so we take the time to think through the most complex, tasks and make them easier. So when we asked ourselves what our goal is as a leading payroll and HR provider, our mission statement became clear: to make payroll and HR easier.

Next, we decided to update our core values to better reflect APS’ company culture. When we thought about the type of work environment we create for our employees, we came up with four important core values:

Tips for ACA Reporting
We have the mindfulness to know the right thing, the courage to do it, and the trust it will take us toward our goals.
Tips for ACA Reporting

We look for ways to help our colleagues, customers, and community to improve the world around us.

Watch for IRS Penalties

We use every challenge as an opportunity to make a difference and reach our full potential.

Be Aware of ACA Reporting Extensions

We enjoy our work and laugh every day to create a positive and productive culture.

These are the values we live by as a company and we are confident they will help us achieve our ultimate goal for customers: to make payroll and HR easier.

The New APSPayroll.com

Once we revamped our mission statement and core values, it was time to transform our website into a more intuitive user experience for our visitors. We want everyone to know the company behind the software and why our customers are a top priority.

Aaron Johnson, APS President

Aaron Johnson
President, APS

I believe the launch of our new site will reaffirm our position as a thought leader and provider of best-in-class workforce management technology. The cleaner, more modern interface and the compelling voice of our customers provide a solid foundation to show visitors why companies choose APS.

Enhancements to the Website

Many improvements were made to create a more enjoyable experience for our visitors. We want to take people on a journey with the voice of APS customers. Throughout the site, you will read first-hand accounts of how our award-winning solution has helped organizations across the country solve their most complex payroll and HR issues.

The clean, simplified layout is layered with compelling content focused on the customer experience. A few of our favorite enhancements include:

The Homepage

The homepage is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easier to find relevant information. With a reconfigured navigation menu, scanner-friendly content, and engaging graphics, readers will learn something new each time they visit our site.


The restructured Why APS page shows visitors what it’s like to have APS as their workforce partner, why companies choose APS for their payroll and HR needs, as well as how we can help them grow. The page provides valuable content that is helpful for people researching payroll and HR providers.

Christian Valiulis, APS CRO

Christian Valiulis
Chief Revenue Officer, APS

Just as our mission is to make payroll and HR easier, we want to make it easier for people to find the information they need. The relaunch of apspayroll.com allows our visitors to tap into our extensive collection of payroll and HR expertise so they can make an educated decision when choosing a workforce management provider.

The Blog

The APS blog has long been a go-to resource for payroll and HR professionals. To thank our loyal readers, we have revamped this section of our site to be more engaging. Our content has been organized by topics such as payroll and tax compliance, industry insights, as well as employee lifecycle management, so readers can find the content most relevant to them.

Stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the payroll and HR world by subscribing to the APS blog.

What’s Next for APS

Our future is full of opportunities and possibilities, all thanks to our customers. In return, we will continue to:

Develop Technology

Develop technology that enhances the user experience by listening to customer feedback.

Provide Support

Provide highly responsive support because that’s what our customers deserve.

Reach Goals

Work closely with our customers to help them reach their goals because their success is our success.

Simply put: our customers are our past, present, and future.

About APS

APS has a mission: to make payroll and HR easier. We provide our clients and partners with intuitive technology delivered with personalized service and support. Our unified solution is designed to simplify workforce management tasks. Process payroll in hours, not days. Automate HR workflows to be more strategic. Elevate the employee lifecycle with a single-system platform. We are APS, your workforce partner.

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