Are Owners Included in the ACA Employer Mandate?

Which Owners are included in the ACA Employer Mandate? Most may be excluded from the full-time equivalent calculation, but check to see if you are included.

Are Owners Included in the ACA Employer Mandate?

Most Owners may be excluded from the full‐time equivalent calculation. Owners that may be excluded include:

  • Sole proprietors
  • Partners in a Partnership
  • Members of LLCs taxed as a Partnership
  • Shareholders who own two percent or more in an S Corporation

It is important to note that if an Owner is involved with more than one business, it is possible that the businesses must be considered a “controlled group” or “affiliated services group” under the IRS Code. If so, the multiple employers would be viewed in aggregate and the number of full-time equivalent employees in all of the related organizations must be totaled when determining if the organization is a covered employer for the Employer Mandate.

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