How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Expense Reports

How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Expense Reports

If you’re currently struggling to process expense reports in a timely manner, here are some tips on how to solve the biggest problems with expense reports.

How to Solve the Biggest Problems With Expense Reports

Expense management can be a very manual and cumbersome process. Employees have to gather their receipts, fill out the appropriate paperwork, and submit for reimbursement. Then your employees are expecting to be reimbursed as soon as possible, but you’re dealing with errors or discrepancies that slow the process down even more. It’s enough to make anyone cringe when they hear “expense report”.

If you’re currently struggling to process expense reports in a timely manner, we’re here to provide tips on how to solve the biggest problems with expense reports.

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Problem #1: Manual Processes

This could very well be the biggest problem with expense reports. You just can’t seem to streamline the way you manage expenses. You may be struggling with using spreadsheets or pouring through stacks of receipts. Every physical touch to an expense report is time spent, which quickly adds up.

Manual processes can also increase the potential for errors or lost information. And those discrepancies can amount to money lost. It’s time to get with the times and upgrade your expense management process.


Solution: An Automated Platform

It’s time to trade in those antiquated expense report processes and jump on the automation train. Automating your expense management can change the way you look at expense reports in the following ways:

  • Nix Those Errors – How nice would it be to process expense reports without having to fix those pesky errors and discrepancies?
  • Save Some Time – Automated expense reports means more time back in your day and more timely reimbursements.
  • Ditch the Paper – Eliminate those mountains of receipts and never lose track of information again.

Problem #2: Disconnected Systems

Perhaps you’re struggling with using multiple systems and spending countless hours re-entering data. This can be a huge pain and is definitely not a productive way to spend your time. Using multiple systems to manage your expenses can also create a breeding ground for errors and incorrect data. This type of approach to expense management can do more harm than good.

Solution: Unified Data

Automation is a great start to fixing your expense reports issues, but unifying your data will take your expense management to the next level. Ditch the multiple systems with multiple logins and consolidate your data into a centralized location. Unifying all of your data into a single, connected process can streamline your tasks in the following ways:

  • Everything in its Place – With unified data, you can consolidate your expense processes into one place for better management.
  • Scale to Size – An expense management solution that unifies your data will scale and adapt as your company changes.
  • On the Go – Capture spending whenever and wherever it happens, eliminating lost receipts.

Problem #3: Cost Control

Cost control is a delicate balance of cash flowing in and out of an organization. Everything you do ultimately affects the bottom line. But how well do you know your bottom line? Do your company’s decision makers have access to actionable data? Do you have the flexibility to see the details behind every dollar spent? If you don’t have an efficient way to see how your company is spending, you can never expect control costs.

Solution: Transparency

Expense automation results in a 59% decrease in the cost of every expense report transaction. A comprehensive expense management system will give you complete transparency into your company’s spending habits, so you can better control costs. Implementing an expense management solution that gives you complete transparency helps you in the following ways:

  • Checks and Balances – Identify trends in time to take action and stop bad spending decisions before they happen.
  • A Finger on the Pulse – Visibility into expenses decreases the cost of each expense report from $41 to $11.1.
  • The Right Stuff – Having a single, accurate view of data allows for smarter decision-making company-wide.

Problem #4: Complicated Expense Report Process

When you utilize tools and processes that are complicated to use, employees will not adopt them and you will not see a return on your investment. If your employees are having to pool their paper receipts together, fill out antiquated expense spreadsheets or forms, and wait forever to get reimbursed, it’s time to breathe new life into your expense report process.

Solution: Focus on Ease of Use and Adoption

When you choose a solution with a focus on ease of use and adoption, your employees will be more inclined to use it. Your expense management solution should simplify your workflows in the following ways:

  • A Crowd Pleaser – Mobile access, pre-populated expense reports, and expedited reimbursements make for happier, more productive employees.
  • Picture Perfect – Employees can take pictures of receipts so you have accurate expense capture.
  • Keep it Simple – Empower your employees with an easy-to-use solution for better adoption.

Seize the Day

Today is the day to solve all the problems you’ve been experiencing with expense reports. You don’t have to continue slogging through an inefficient process that has you spending hours on paperwork with unhappy employees waiting on reimbursements. Remember, look for an expense management solution that provides the following:


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