The Best Payroll Solution for HR Teams - Part 2

The Best Payroll Solutions For HR Teams

The moving assembly line Henry Ford pioneered in 1913 was a major turning point in the history of American business. However, not everyone at the time was excited about this new, efficient way of running a company. The largest group of people who were unhappy about the assembly line? Ford’s own employees.

At the time, Ford employees were earning $2.25 per nine-hour workday. When he implemented his moving assembly line, Ford’s overworked staff dropped from 52,000 men to 14,000 –a ridiculously high turnover rate. This put a major pause in the success of the line, which drove up the costs of the low-priced cars that he wanted to sell. His solution: increase wages and decrease the workday.

Beginning on January 5, 1914, Henry Ford increased the daily wage to $5 for an eight-hour long workday (in today’s currency, that’s around $120 a day). The result of his wage increase? The next day, about ten thousand people were lined up at the Ford Motor Factory looking for jobs, unofficially triggering the boom of the middle class.

Women Henry Ford

How is This Relevant in 2017?

There has been some debate on whether or not Ford’s wage increase was indeed as successful as it appeared, but what is for certain is that he was able to satisfy the financial needs of his employees. He became a hero to his workers by elevating them to the new industrial middle-class, providing them with the monetary needs necessary to purchase the products they were producing. Essentially, one could say that this was Ford’s payroll solution.

Payroll Solutions

While we have a slightly different understanding of what a payroll solution is in the 21st Century, the goal is still the same: to ensure that employees are getting paid for the quality of work they are producing. The whole point of getting a job is to earn money in order to provide for your lifestyle needs, but managing employees’ payroll can be tricky sometimes. By having a payroll software that is easy to manage, a manager can free themselves to make their company or department even more successful.

Your HR Assembly Line

Let’s take a look at your personal HR assembly line. First and foremost, there are all the employees of a company. Each individual employee earns a different salary, has a different benefits plan, and has certain deductions that need to be taken out automatically each pay period. There are even issues of employees getting married or changing addresses. These minor changes don’t need to be managed by your HR team — choosing a payroll solution that allows for delegation of tasks establishes accountability for each person in your assembly line, as well easier management from an HR perspective.

Assembly Line

Next in your line is the HR Team itself, the group that’s managing the overall aspects of payroll itself — the main headache being compliance. Even with multiple people trying to decode tax compliance laws, it can still be difficult to manually check all the forms your employees have to fill out, the ever-changing laws involved with compliance, and all the reporting a company has to manage.

Having a solution that can navigate through this headache with ease can:

  1. Minimize the number of mistakes a department has on form filings.
  2. Devote time to understand everything payroll related.
  3. Help your team do their jobs to their maximum potential.
  4. Allow for easy access to payroll analytics.
  5. Quickly view tax forms and reports of company employees.

Be sure to take a look at a payroll company’s customer reviews and schedule demos to see if the platforms they offer will be flexible enough for your company’s needs.

Henry Ford recognized that the needs of his employees were the central factor in his company’s success. Making sure that they were taken care of financially was a major help to the overall health and resilience of his business. When considering a payroll solution that will help your HR team, approach your search with your employee’s needs in mind, just as Mr. Ford did.

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