With APS, Global Supply Chain Solutions lowered costs, maximized efficiency,
and increased productivity.


Global Supply Chain Solutions (GSCS) delivers managed materials solutions to improve flexibility, speed to market, and profitability through greater control of supply chains. The company offers a complete suite of materials management solutions to support organizations at each stage of their product lifecycle – early production, fast growth, and high volume production.


  • Controlling payroll and benefits administration costs.
  • Lack of flexibility and functionality.
  • Streamlining accounting and payroll processes.
  • Visibility into key data and metrics.


Manufacturing and Machinery

seamless transition


It’s nice to work with a payroll company that works hard to accommodate the specific needs of its clients instead of expecting them to fit into one generic mold. The transition to APS was so seamless that our employees didn’t even know we made a change until we introduced them to the new employee self service site.

Danielle Shih

Accounting Manager



When it came to choosing a new provider, Shih needed a workforce partner who could help GSCS decrease their payroll administration costs while still providing a flexible, functional system that could grow with them. The main requirements they kept in mind during their search were:

  • Customized features to meet reporting needs.
  • Cost effective system at all workforce levels.
  • Flexible system to meet the demands of a growing company.
  • Ability to include reimbursements with payroll.
  • Configurable modules that allow the addition or removal of features when needed as the company grows.
  • Strong reporting functionality to improve management intelligence into
    company operations.


Accommodation of specific payroll needs.

Accommodation of specific payroll needs

Intuitive and user-friendly reporting and dashboards

Intuitive and user-friendly reporting and dashboards

Empowered and engaged employees.

Empowered and engaged employees

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