Regal Hospitality Solutions

Regal Hospitality needed accurate, reliable payroll and tax compliance. APS gave them a true payroll partner so they could focus on growing their business.


The company services hotel clients that range from industry core franchises to high-end boutique properties. RHS currently has more than 400 employees located throughout Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, South Carolina and New Mexico.


  • Controlling costs.
  • Lack of customer support.
  • System limitations and difficulties.
  • Confidence in multi-state tax compliance.
  • Issues with payroll and tax errors.



APS Solutions Used


peace of mind


With APS, we have the peace of mind that comes from working with a knowledgeable, trusted and professional payroll partner.

Sam V. Makaryan

Chief Executive Officer



Anticipating continued growth, Sam V. Makaryan, Chief Executive Officer, explored other payroll companies. Criteria for selection included:

  • Strong customer service evidenced by a willingness to become a partner in success, not just a provider.
  • Cost-effectiveness and minimization of upfront payroll charges.
  • Demonstrated track record of system accuracy and efficiency.
  • Ability and willingness to provide extensive reporting options and to customize as needed to meet company needs.
  • Comprehensive online access to payroll information.
  • Expertise in payroll-related tax compliance requirements throughout the United States.


Exceptional customer support.

Exceptional customer support

 Visibility into key data and metrics.

Visibility into key data and metrics

Significant cost savings.

Significant cost savings

 Empowered employees.

Empowered employees

Accurate and reliable tax compliance.

Accurate and reliable tax compliance

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