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Open Enrollment Guide for Employers

Our open enrollment checklist offers 6 steps to streamline your employee benefits.

Open enrollment can be a daunting task for HR managers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With our employer open enrollment checklist, HR managers can learn how to turn manual tasks into automated processes. Benefit elections and compliance data can be managed with the click of a button.

Meanwhile, employees can access important benefit information anytime, anywhere. Learn how to streamline your benefits election process in 6 steps with our guide to open enrollment.

Download the Open Enrollment Guide for Free

Download your guide to open enrollment to find out how a unified HR platform can help you create a more efficient and engaging process for employees.

The Ultimate Open Enrollment Checklist for Employers

Learn more about how to create a better open enrollment experience for your employees with our HR open enrollment checklist.

Evaluate Current Benefit Offerings

Perform research on benefit offerings and determine which benefits will be most attractive to current and future employees.

Brush Up On Benefit Terms and Legislation

Review health terms, ACA guidelines, and COBRA so you know how to answer employee questions.

Create a Communication Strategy

Plan to utilize payroll and HR self-service tools to send enrollment alerts and notifications to employees.

Have Resources Readily Available

Utilize an online document management system, so resources are accessible in a centralized location.

Explain Alternative Benefits

If new benefits are presented, explain the reason for the change.

Configure Your Self-Service Solution

Make sure your HR solution has the proper eligibility rules in place for new and existing plans.

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