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Core HR Software for Your Business

Our comprehensive yet intuitive core HR software automates your workflows so you can be more productive.
Core HR
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Core HR

Core HR Software Solutions Made Easy

APS provides unified HR services for managing benefits administration, recruiting, onboarding, ACA compliance, performance management, and more. By utilizing our HR services with our payroll software, you can automate your core HR workflows and save more time each day.

Be More Strategic

Use your time for more strategic initiatives by automating your core HR processes.

Avoid Costly Errors

Our closed-loop core HR workflows ensure you don’t overlook essential tasks so that you can avoid noncompliance.

Eliminate the Paper

Implement online processes to shed the mountains of paperwork and alleviate manual data entry.

Ditch Old Technology

Streamline your HR processes by eliminating inefficient manual tasks and multiple systems.

Core HR Software for Employee Lifecycle Management

Our cloud HR software provides the tools and processes you need to support the employee journey from hire to retire. Manage all of your essential employee workflows from a centralized core HR solution so you can focus on creating a positive company culture.
Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Attract the right talent with a branded careers page and access to top job boards.
  • Fast track and evaluate applicants with a suite of tools, including prescreening questions, interview guides, and scorecards.
  • Onboard new employees online to reduce paper processes and data entry.

Explore Recruiting & Onboarding

  • Automate the submission of benefits information and manage the entire process from your dashboard.
  • Receive alerts for eligible employees and invite them to enroll online through employee self service.
  • Track qualifying events, meet coverage requirements, and reduce non-compliance fees with COBRA Administration.

Discover Benefits Administration

  • Eliminate manual and redundant processes using integrations with hundreds of benefits carriers.
  • Send benefits enrollment data and relevant updates to providers quickly and accurately to ensure compliance.
  • Stop paying charges for terminated or ineligible employees.

Learn About Carrier Connections

  • Develop a performance evaluation process that works well for your employees and company.
  • Create goals to give employees a clear career development path.
  • Streamline your workflow by routing and tracking reviews automatically and providing participants with instant online access.

Explore Performance Management

  • Track and manage FMLA leave, pay rate changes, certifications, and more.
  • Create events, include follow-up dates, and tie events to other system areas, such as payroll.
  • View core HR dashboard alerts for events that are open, require follow-up, or need approval.

Discover Event Tracking

  • Track and manage eligible employees in a unified platform to minimize compliance risks and eliminate manual processes.
  • Accurately capture and report health plan coverage information to the IRS with pre-populated 1094-C and 1095-C forms.
  • We will e-file your ACA reporting on your behalf.

Learn About ACA Compliance

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Core HR Services for Every Industry

We provide core HR solutions for businesses in a variety of industries. We design our HR management software to meet your industry’s unique needs.


Utilize our HR services for multi-campus management and automation of your church's mission critical HCM workflows and tasks.

Financial Services

Our core HR system eliminates paper-based processes and streamlines employee lifecycle management for your branches.


Track and manage essential employee events for your healthcare organization in our human resources software to ensure compliance.


Our HR software solutions provide access to critical metrics like turnover rates by location so your hospitality organization can streamline processes.


Our cloud HR software automates your nonprofit’s benefits administration and open enrollment into a single streamlined workflow.


Leverage our HR system for training course management, including enrollment, tracking, and renewal notification for your restaurant.

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Real-Time Core HR Software Analytics

Use our HR software solution’s analytical library of dashboard tiles to make data-driven decisions about your most important asset: your people. Quantify the success of your HR programs and processes so you can make the best choices for your workforce. With better visualization of HR information and metrics, you can answer your organization’s most critical questions, including:
Learn More About Analytics Reporting

Employee and Manager Self Service

Delegate tasks to your employees and managers while maintaining accountability with our HR software system’s self-service portal. Managers can view their dashboard to see daily action items, and employees can access the company newsfeed to tackle their tasks.
Explore More About Self Service

Customized Pricing

Ready to make your payroll and HR easier? Let’s crunch the numbers.

Core HR Software FAQs

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions users have about employee core HR software systems.
The reason why HR software is important is that it automates tasks like benefits administration, performance reviews, and ACA compliance. This automation saves time and allows HR managers to streamline other workflows to increase efficiency and productivity.
HR management software focuses on employee lifecycle management processes. HR management systems typically include performance management, recruiting, onboarding, and access to core HR metrics and analytics.
At the core of HR software is an employee database. This centralized source stores all employee data, including salary, deductions, classification, and benefits information. All HR software workflows utilize data within the employee database to ensure accuracy and timeliness.
HR software is offered at different price points and structures, depending on an organization’s needs. HR software pricing is determined by features used, any additional services needed, and the number of employees in an organization. It’s best to obtain a custom HR software price quote to understand better how much it will cost to implement.
Core HR refers to an HR department’s basic functions, including employee information, income tax withholding details, and benefits data. Any software that helps with employee data storage and uses that information to automate processes like hiring, payroll, and training is considered a core HR system.

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