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Automatic Payroll Systems helps over 2,000 companies and counting with their payroll and HR needs. Check out some of our most recent achievements.

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What Our Customers are Saying

The perfect solution
APS is the perfect solution! They provide excellent customer service and are always dependable. Their participation in my business allows us to focus on what matters most in today’s competitive business landscape
Louis DeAngelo
Founder at Cinque Hospitality
The best customer service
I like how easy it is to use once you get used to it. Their customer service team is always very helpful and friendly, even when I ask redundant questions! It's hands down the best customer service you can expect from a company that handles this type of business with so many varied customers.
Fabi Hamer
Owner at Atlas Chiropractic & Wellness
A user-friendly system
APS Payroll Solutions provides a user-friendly system for all your payroll and HR needs. They pride themselves on customer service, and they deliver. The system offers depth of use that meets my needs while continually improving and adding features that customers want.
Beth Ann Arnold
Director of Administration at Advanced Aero Services

Any Questions?

We’ve got answers! Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions users have about an APS software demo.

The purpose of a payroll and HR software demo is to help you understand the platform’s features and how they can meet your needs. During the demo, you will see firsthand how the system could potentially help solve your current business challenges.

Software demos can take anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on your current needs. We typically like to conduct a 15-minute call to get an understanding of your current challenges and workflows and then schedule your demo from there. The initial demo gives you an overview of the system. Then, we’ll schedule an additional demo that dives into use cases that are more specific to your organization.

Your sales rep should reach out to you before the demo with information on what to expect. During this time, make sure to communicate your pain points and system specifications so your rep can tailor the demo to your needs.

Your sales rep will lead the demo and a solutions consultant may also attend. Make sure you have included other influences and decision-makers who need to be involved in the process. This approach will ensure everyone is on the same page when it is time to choose the right payroll and HR software.

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