With our health benefits administration solution, you can automate the submission of paperwork and manage the entire process from your dashboard to eliminate time-consuming data entry.


Eliminate cumbersome benefit administrative solutions with our online benefits enrollment. Employees can view the cost of different plans and coverage types, enroll in benefit plans, and manage their dependents all from our employee self-service portal.

Accessible to Employees

Accessible to Employees

Employees can view their benefit plan information from any device 24/7 for better accessibility.

Streamlined Open Enrollment

Streamlined Open Enrollment

Online enrollment reduces manual processes for more efficient management of employee benefits. 

Unified Workflows

Unified Workflows

Our health benefits administration software saves enrollment information automatically to the employee record, eliminating duplicate data entry and potential errors.

Online Time Tracking


Track qualifying events, meet coverage requirements, and reduce noncompliance fees.

Carrier Connections

  • Eliminate manual and redundant processes using integrations with hundreds of benefits carriers.
  • Send benefits enrollment data and relevant updates to providers quickly and accurately to ensure compliance.
Carrier Connections
COBRA Administration

COBRA Administration

  • Track qualifying events, meet coverage requirements, and reduce non-compliance fees.
  • When used with our employee benefits administration software, you’ll eliminate time-consuming and paper-based processes for a seamless solution.

Flexible Benefits Options

Easily update plans and establish eligibility rules in our unified benefits administration software platform. Benefits enrollment software tracks and manages multiple plan types, including medical, dental, life, and disability plans. View and manage all of your benefit plans in a single system.

Flexible Plan Management

Flexible Plan Management

APS supports multiple plan types, including medical, dental, vision, life, and disability so you can manage everything in one system.

Automated Deductions

Automated Deductions

Employee deduction amounts are automatically assigned to employees by mass updates at the end of open enrollment.

Extensive Integrations

Extensive Integrations

We offer hundreds of built-in integrations with popular providers for automated reporting of benefits information.

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Our HR benefits administration software helps businesses in all types of industries. Conduct online benefits enrollment in an easy-to-use employee self-service portal for more transparent communication. Create a streamlined benefits administration process that saves time and supports employee initiatives.

Our benefits enrollment software makes it easier for your financial services institution to manage employee open enrollment to maintain compliance.

With online benefits administration, your healthcare facility can eliminate overwhelming paper-based processes so you can focus on patient care.

Use benefits administration software to streamline your hospitality organization’s open enrollment and COBRA processes across locations.

Our employee benefits enrollment software can help your nonprofit organization automate your process to decrease costs and focus on your mission.

Take the guesswork out of online benefits administration for your religious organization so you can take care of your employees and mission.

With our health benefits administration platform, you can streamline your enrollment process across locations and eliminate the inefficiencies of using multiple systems.


Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions users have about a health benefits administration platform.


Benefits administration is the process of tracking and managing a company’s employee benefits program. This process includes:

  • Shopping plans each year to meet budgetary requirements
  • Enrolling new employees when they become eligible for benefits
  • Conducting open enrollment for all eligible employees
  • Making sure all employees understand the plans available to them
  • Communicating any plan updates and changes to employees

Benefits administration is a very time-consuming process, so more organizations use benefits administration software to streamline and manage the workflows.


Benefits administration software solutions allow employers to manage their plans, including health, 401(k), life insurance, and disability insurance. A benefits administration software provider can help with the initial benefit plan set up, making it easier to add additional plans as needed.

Online benefits enrollment is conducted using this type of software and is usually accessible in an employee self-service portal. Employers can also configure new hire enrollment, so employees receive a notification when they become eligible for benefits. Once an employee chooses benefits, they can e-sign to complete their online enrollment.

Benefits administration software features can include:

  • Dashboard views of pending elections, opt-outs, and deduction updates
  • Benefit classifications
  • Online open enrollment
  • Benefit confirmation statements
  • Integrations with benefit providers
  • Eligibility alerts
  • Benefits reports for beneficiaries and deduction comparisons


Companies outsource benefits administration because it is a paper-heavy process that can result in duplicate data entry and errors. Many companies cannot dedicate staff solely to benefits administration, and it’s a labor-intensive process for HR managers to handle.

Furthermore, with rising healthcare costs and compliance risks, outsourcing to a benefits enrollment software provider frees up valuable time and resources. HR managers can focus on benefits packages themselves. Providing comprehensive benefits packages gives companies a competitive advantage and attracts top talent.

Typically, benefits administration is part of a total core HR software platform. This approach is beneficial as it allows companies to take advantage of a centralized database for employee information.


APS’ health benefits administration software provides a streamlined approach to managing employee compensation beyond the paycheck. Employers can track and manage benefits plans, conduct open enrollment, automatically send paperwork to providers, and handle COBRA in a single system. By automating these processes, companies can increase efficiency and employee communication with benefits-related information.

Our step-by-step open enrollment process provides a clear and concise overview of benefit plans. Employees are guided through the enrollment process in our employee self-service portal. During open enrollment, employees can:

  • Update demographic information
  • Edit or add family members
  • Select benefits
  • Confirm their selections

Our goal is to make payroll and HR processes easier. With online benefits administration, you can spend less time dealing with data entry and paperwork and more time focusing on your employees.


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