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Workforce Planning Tools: The Right People in the Right Positions

Our workforce planning solutions can help you strategically manage your company’s positions, forecast hiring needs, and budget.

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Strategic Workforce Planning Software

Managing your workforce can be a challenging and costly aspect of running your business. Our workforce planning tools streamline this process, providing clarity and insights into your staffing structure, hiring needs, and progression.

Manage Labor Costs

By keeping track of employee headcounts and productivity, you can ensure your organization is staffed optimally.

Address Talent Gaps

Identify gaps in your workforce and plan for future new hires needed to reach your organizational goals.

Align HR Processes with Business Strategy

Streamline your employee onboarding and progression processes to impact company growth positively.

Anticipate and Plan for Change

Use staffing metrics to inform executives of potential workforce issues and address them proactively.

Staffing and Position Management

Establish positions, headcount, and budgeting for your organization. Position Management tools empower HR departments to forecast, budget, and analyze labor for more informed and data-driven workforce planning.

Automated Organizational Chart

The Organizational Chart, or Org Chart, automatically updates when position details, reporting structure, or employee transfers change. The Org Chart eliminates the need to use disconnected systems or spreadsheets to maintain your company structure. With a clearly defined Org Chart, your employees will know each person’s role and responsibilities, improving communication.

Workforce Planning Solutions for Every Industry

We provide workforce planning solutions for businesses in a variety of industries. We design our workforce planning software to meet your industry’s unique needs.


Anticipate staffing changes and respond to them with our workforce planning solution.

Financial Services

Keep up with changing market conditions and customer demands with our workforce planning software.


Allocate staff efficiently based on patient demand to optimize workforce resources.


Leverage workforce planning tools to ensure staffing coverage during peak seasons and control labor costs more effectively.


Increase retention with visibility into employee skills and determine where each employee can best serve your organization.

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Workforce Planning Software Metrics

Use our workforce planning solution’s staffing metrics to forecast and budget for your organization’s needs. With visibility into overstaffed, understaffed, fully staffed, and open positions, you can make more strategic decisions based on staffing needs.

Customized Pricing

Ready to make your payroll and HR easier? Let’s crunch the numbers.

Workforce Planning Software FAQs

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions users have about workforce planning software systems.

Workforce Planning is a process that involves analyzing, forecasting, and planning workforce supply and demand. The goal of Workforce Planning is to assess gaps and determine talent management strategies to ensure that an organization has the right people with the necessary skills in the right positions and at the right time. This process is essential to ensure an organization can meet its business objectives and stay competitive in the ever-changing market.

Position Management establishes the organizational structure and is the foundation of Workforce Planning that all future functionality relies on to deliver valuable insights.

An Organizational Chart uses the hierarchy set within Position Management to create an organizational structure for the company. The Org Chart provides clearly identified seniority and lines of authority, improving communication.

Workforce planning software helps organizations manage the most complex and costly part of their businesses – the workforce. Workforce planning solutions typically include features like position management, an organizational chart, compensation budgeting (or compensation management), and people analytics (also known as performance analytics or position benchmarking). In future releases of our Workforce Planning software, we will include Compensation Budgeting and People Analytics.

Workforce planning is essential to help businesses make better-informed decisions, support the organization’s overall success, and ensure it meets long-term goals.
Workforce planning helps organizations reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and proactively respond to changing customer needs. Furthermore, it aids in improving employee retention and work-life balance, contributing to a more stable and efficient workforce.

Suggested Workforce Planning Software Resources

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