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Trucking Payroll Software for Logistics & Supply Chain Management Companies

APS helps you manage multiple locations, varied employee types and pay frequencies, and attendance with a single system for trucking payroll software.
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We know the importance of flexibility when it comes to tracking and managing employee pay requirements, multi-location attendance, and automating HR workflows. You need a payroll system for trucking companies that streamlines manual, paper-based processes so you can operate your business efficiently.

A Comprehensive Payroll System for Trucking Companies

Flexible Attendance

Mobile Management

Configurable Scheduling


Modern Technology

Important HR Events

Labor Compliance

Recruiting Talent

Key Payroll Software Features for the Logistics Industry

Centralized Data Source
  • Our modern payroll software for trucking companies provides a centralized data source, eliminating antiquated back-office systems.
  • Easily track and manage essential HR events such as safety training, licenses, and OSHA.
  • Access real-time company and employee information 24/7 from your preferred device.
  • Improve your wholesale, distribution, and supply company’s productivity and control labor expenses with easy time off requests, as well as intuitive time and labor management.
  • Empower your managers and engage your employees with online access to relevant payroll, core HR, and attendance information on any device.

Learn About Centralized Data 

  • Use our employee scheduling software or integrate our payroll for trucking companies with your time-tracking software for better automation.
  • Manage schedules and track attendance for multiple employee types.
  • Avoid understaffing and overstaffing for better control over labor expenses.
  • Time tracking data syncs with your payroll to ensure accurate processing of shift hours worked, PTO used, and overtime.

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  • Hourly, traveling, and remote employees can clock in and out using GPS tracking for real-time data on where your staff’s hours worked.
  • Receive alerts for missed punches with our payroll software for trucking businesses.
  • Get notified about employee time-off requests automatically for a more efficient process.
  • Always know when employees are in or approaching overtime with our supply chain management HR software for more proactive tracking.
  • Utilize various time capture options, including mobile and biometric, to better control labor costs.

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  • Our intuitive employee database management software allows you to track and manage staff activities and milestones for better decision-making.
  • Track and manage all of your transportation company’s certifications to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations.
  • Track employee activity like performance reviews and training courses to meet deadlines consistently.

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Wholesale & Distribution Key Services

Integrations for Trucking, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

Our trucking payroll software integrates with popular accounting and general ledger systems so you can get the most out of your investments.


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Pain Points for HR in Supply Chain Management

Here’s how we’ve helped trucking, logistics, supply management, and other businesses solve their challenges with our payroll and HR software for transportation companies.

Keeping Pace With Demand

Many trucking, logistics, and supply chain management companies are struggling to keep pace with the increased demand spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. With these new challenges added to existing ones, supply chain businesses will fall further behind if they continue to rely on manual, paper-driven workflows.

Our goal is to provide the best payroll software for trucking companies to automate their processes. With our HR and payroll solution, wholesale, distribution, and supply businesses can:

With our trucking payroll services, you can finally make the transition to tech that will help your business be more agile and strategic.

Complying With Labor Laws

Trucking, logistics, and supply chain management companies must comply with labor laws that prevent employees from working too many hours at once. The role of HR in the logistics industry can make it challenging to keep up with ever-changing legislation, leading to potential fines. It’s crucial to partner with a payroll company for trucking businesses to provide the compliance support you need.

Our payroll system for trucking companies automates this process by allowing you to create overtime and advanced clock rules for your employees. You can even receive alerts for any employees approaching or in overtime. These workflows ensure staff is not working too many hours in a pay period to ensure compliance. Furthermore, you’ll have more control over labor expenses to maintain budget expectations.

Woman Working At Desk

Recruiting Drivers

It has become increasingly challenging to recruit truck drivers, specifically due to the nature of the job. Drivers typically spend many days and weeks away from their families and are stationary for long periods. Human resource management in logistics is responsible for recruiting top talent while juggling other essential tasks. Using recruiting and onboarding software like APS Hire helps the supply chain sector recruit candidates, track applicants, and hire qualified workers in a centralized location. Hone in on the most qualified candidates immediately and fast-track them based on your transportation company’s needs:
By utilizing HR technology to manage your recruiting and applicant tracking processes, you will build a solid strategy for attracting and hiring skilled drivers for your business.

Retaining Employees

Trucking, logistics, and supply chain management struggle to retain employees because career paths aren’t as well defined as many other industries. Implementing programs to properly train and support educational opportunities for employees helps create a more defined career development process.

APS’ HR and payroll software for trucking companies can help automate HR management in the supply chain process. Create seamless workflows for certification tracking and continuing education to grow your pool of skilled workers, including:


APS Understands Trucking Payroll Software

Everyone in your supply chain company should have an enjoyable and personalized experience with logistics human resources and payroll. Our role-based configuration allows each user to make the most out of their workday. When solutions are easy to use, your workforce uses them.

Your dedicated four-person team is available via email, phone, and support requests to answer your questions in a timely manner. You’ll also have access to our Help Center’s articles and videos for learning at your own pace. Our customers also receive lifetime training at no additional cost.

Simply put, our goal is to provide the best trucking payroll software.

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