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APS Customer Successes

From implementation to support, APS Payroll provides our customers with a full spectrum of services so they can realize the true potential of their investments.

When payroll and HR inefficiencies became too much for The Arc Caddo-Bossier, they turned to APS.

Central Church

Software designed to provide the best user experience.

Central Christian ran its first payroll with APS in 2007. When they first launched the new system, Eisinger said a time clock function they needed was not available.

The APS team responded to this call by developing this function, which is now part of the APS platform and in use at Central Christian today.

“We requested it, and it was installed the following year. There has never been a time that we’ve been told ‘no’ to any request. If what we are asking for is not immediately available, it is already in development or soon will be based on our request.”

APS Customer Success

Through the first conversation, implementation, support, and success, we have a vested interest in understanding your needs and how our system can best solve your challenges. The bottom line is that we want to make payroll and HR the last thing you worry about so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

Columbia Southern University

Columbia Southern University and APS are working together to provide quality and affordable education.


Antoine's Restaurant

APS gave Antoine’s Restaurant the ingredients to run a more efficient and productive business while fostering a culture of excellence.


Antoine's Restaurant
Eagle Distributing got a major upgrade to superior customer service and a user-friendly payroll and HR solution with APS so they can focus on growing their business.


Faith Promise Church

Hillside Christian Church partnered with APS for a better way to manage payroll and HR for multiple campuses, as well as accommodate staff growth.


Antoine's Restaurant

When company growth left Rainbow Sandals dealing with poor customer service and ever-increasing costs, they turned to APS for a better way to manage payroll and HR.


Faith Promise Church

When the quality of customer service response and ease of system use became critical to S&W Wholesale Foods, they turned to APS .


Antoine's Restaurant

Regional Government Services and Local Government Services use APS to manage their complex accounting and payroll administration.


Antoine's Restaurant

APS helps Linden Management handle the complexities of payroll and HR for locations in multiple cities and states.


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