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Eagle Distributing of Shreveport

When their previous payroll vendor provided more inefficiencies than benefits, Eagle Distributing of Shreveport partnered with APS.

Eagle Distributing of Shreveport, Inc. is a family-owned beverage distribution company with a 21-year history of quality service and community relationships. Through the efforts of a conscientious management team, this company continues to stand as an example of how a strong foundation supports longevity and consumer trust.


Derrick Smith

Assistant Controller

Critical to Our Business
APS made the decision an easy one for us by offering competitive pricing coupled with superior service and a user-friendly system that is easy to navigate … APS have given me back needed time to focus on financials and other deadlines critical to our business success.

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History retention represents one of the biggest initial challenges when changing payroll systems, which was a serious concern for Eagle Distributing. Here’s what Smith needed from a new system:


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