Process payroll in hours, not days.

We Make Payroll Processing Easier

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Reduce Payroll Errors

Our built-in automated workflows and validation rules help you correct errors prior to processing.


Avoid Costly Penalties

Work with our tax compliance experts to ensure timely payroll tax payments and filings.

Payroll Processing

Calculate in Seconds

Review the Payroll Summary Audit and Net Pay Comparison for a more accurate payroll process.

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Talk to Support

Your dedicated support team is just a call, email, or support request away to help answer any questions.

Powerful payroll analytics

manager and employee self service

Powerful payroll analytics

Manager Self Service and Employee Self Service Payroll Solution

Use our analytical library of payroll tiles to make data-driven decisions about your most important asset: your people. With better visualization of payroll metrics, you can answer your organization’s most critical questions, including:

  • Overtime trends by payroll run 
  • Cost of payroll expense
  • Employee compensation trends

manager and employee self service


Delegate tasks while maintaining accountability from any device. 

  • Managers can quickly approve time cards, review employee accrual balances, and see which employees are in overtime.
  • Employees can see their total compensation report, view pay stubs, and check their available accruals.

Guaranteed Payroll Tax Compliance

Our experienced payroll tax compliance staff operates on your behalf as the reporting agent. We use a defined process for the daily management of tax funds to ensure your payroll tax filings and payments are handled accurately. We help organizations process payroll and manage tax compliance in 411 jurisdictions, in all 50 states.


Streamlined Tax Compliance

  • Guaranteed accuracy and timeliness of payroll tax payments and filings.*
  • Wage garnishment services to reduce the risk of penalties.
  • Secure access to quarterly payroll tax packets, annual returns, and W-2s.
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  • Federal, state, and local tax filings and payments.
  • 940 Federal Unemployment and 941 Quarterly filings.
  • Year-end processing, including W-2s and 1099s.

Reduced Burden and Risk

  • Automatic system and tax table updates in the cloud.
  • Review of incomes and deductions to identify any payroll history issues.
  • Paycheck reconciliation available to further reduce time spent on payroll.

Paperless Payroll Processing

Leverage the power of the cloud to achieve a 100% paperless payroll process.

  • Increase efficiency with online access to payroll reports and pay stub history to get back time in your day.
  • Reduce costs with direct deposit and paycard options for a healthier bottom line.
  • Eliminate manual processes by automating payroll and time tracking in a unified solution.

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The APS Buyer's Guide

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*APS guarantees tax payments and filings to be accurate and timely, as long as the data provided to APS is accurate and timely and the customer’s account is sufficiently funded to cover all payroll tax liabilities. If a tax penalty is the result of our error, we’ll maintain the abatement process and absorb any fines or interest due.

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