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Payroll Management System for HR Professionals

Our payroll management system will reduce your time spent on payroll from days to hours.

Payroll Processing
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Payroll Processing

Easy-to-use Payroll Management Solution

We design our technology to streamline your payroll process. Pay your workforce anytime, no matter where you work. Our comprehensive payroll management system software for payroll processing provides checks and balances, so you spend less time correcting errors and more time focusing on strategic workforce tasks.

Reduce Payroll Errors

Our automatic error checking captures any administrative issues so you can fix them before processing payroll.

Configurable Payroll Processing

Make one-time adjustments as needed, pause deductions, and even preview gross to net totals with our flexible solution.

Advanced Payroll Controls

Set gross wage limits, utilize dual payroll release controls, and void payroll checks when needed. 

Payroll Imports and Exports

Import timekeeping data for payroll processing or export payroll data to other systems like general ledgers and 401(k) accounts.

APS' Guaranteed Payroll Tax Compliance

Our tax team operates on your behalf as the reporting agent, saving you hours of work. We use a defined process for the daily management of tax funds to ensure accurate payroll tax filings and payments. We help organizations process payroll and manage compliance with federal, state, and local tax jurisdictions.

Streamlined Tax Compliance
  • Guaranteed accuracy and timeliness of payroll tax payments and filings*
  • Wage garnishment services to reduce the risk of penalties
  • Secure access to quarterly payroll tax packets, annual returns, and W-2s
  • Federal, state, and local tax filings and payments
  • 940 Federal Unemployment and 941 Quarterly filings
  • Year-end processing, including W-2s and 1099s
  • Automatic system and tax table updates in the cloud
  • Review of incomes and deductions to identify any payroll history issues
  • Paycheck reconciliation is available to reduce additional time spent on payroll
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Paperless Cloud-Based Payroll Solutions

Leverage our online payroll management system to achieve a 100% paperless payroll process.

Learn More About Paperless Payroll

Payroll Management Solutions for Your Industry

We provide a complete payroll solution for businesses in a variety of industries. We design our online payroll software to meet your industry’s unique needs.


Our online payroll system can help with accurate employee classification, special taxation of ordained ministers’ earnings, and multi-campus management.

Financial Services

Eliminate paper-based processes with a centralized database that ensures your employee and branch data is always accurate.


Our cloud-based payroll software helps manage complex attendance rules, track provider licenses and credentials, and recruit qualified candidates competitively.


Easily customize your payroll process to meet your hospitality organization’s needs and adjust over time as your needs change.


Partner with a payroll provider that can help with special taxation issues, fund and grant allocation, and offers general ledger integration.


Leverage a complete payroll solution that integrates with POS systems and simplifies tips-to-minimum calculations and 8846 reporting.

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Compare Pay Periods for Quick Audits

Analyze and audit the differences between payrolls quickly with our online payroll solutions comparisons. You can view historical employee pay transactions and accurate system data for a complete picture of your payroll.

Earned Wage Access Services

APS Payroll has partnered with Immediate to provide earned wage access (EWA) services and employee financial wellness tools. Employees will have on-demand access to their earned but not yet paid wages integrated with APS’ payroll management software. With Immediate’s EWA tools, you can:

Explore Earned Wage Access

Customized Pricing

Ready to make your payroll and HR easier? Let’s crunch the numbers.

Payroll Management System FAQs

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions users have about payroll management systems.

Payroll system software is a tool that automates the process of gathering timesheets, calculating hours worked, and paying employees. It’s designed to help companies process accurate payroll and maintain tax compliance. Some payroll software is offered as a standalone product, while others include functionality around HR, timekeeping, recruiting, and more.

Many payroll processing solutions also provide imports, exports, and integrations with other platforms so companies can build a streamlined tech stack. Using software for payroll processing reduces the time professionals spend on labor tasks, freeing them to perform more strategic initiatives.

Payroll software solutions automate the calculation of taxes and deduct the appropriate amounts from an employee’s wages. Payroll tax compliance software calculates applicable federal, state, and local taxes to reduce the potential for errors.

Payroll tax software also streamlines the payroll process to apply the proper incomes and deductions to each employee’s paycheck. Other deduction calculations can include health benefits and retirement contributions.

Automating the payroll process using software ensures that your staff is accurately paid each pay period. It also eliminates the need to process payroll manually and reduces the potential for errors.

A payroll management system automates the process of capturing employee time and processing payroll accurately. It calculates employee pay based on hourly or salary wages and applies to correct tax and benefits deductions. It also ensures tax compliance to mitigate risk and keep essential documents organized and easily accessible.

They also help organizations demonstrate a level of commitment to their employees with on-time and accurate pay. Partnering with an online payroll processing provider alleviates the burden of manual calculations and paper-based recordkeeping. Automating payroll processing in an online payroll management system decreases the chances of errors, which ultimately saves an organization time and money.

An automated payroll system alleviates the burden of manually processing payroll and calculating salary and hourly wages. It also automates more complex functions like overtime pay, deductions, and withholdings. Many providers of automated payroll systems offer services like wage garnishment management to streamline processes even further.

An automated payroll system generates paychecks and stubs and processes direct deposits to bank accounts and paycards. They also offer error-checking features that flag any issues with your payroll before processing. This functionality allows users to correct errors without having to reissue a paycheck.

A centralized payroll system provides employees easy, online access to essential payroll information from a secure database. Many centralized payroll systems operate with an employee record database at their core. This design allows for the flow of information to other areas of the payroll system, which ensures accuracy.

A centralized payroll system can also include employee self service functionality, which requires staff to log in with credentials. Employees can access pertinent payroll information like pay stubs, W-2s, and PTO balances.

Organizations can take advantage of many payroll system benefits, including:

  • Automation of manual tasks like calculations and deductions
  • Reduced payroll errors
    Accurate employee pay
  • Mitigated compliance risk
  • Automatic calculation of earnings like commission, bonuses, and allowances
  • Generates employee pay stubs
  • Sensitive employee and company information is stored in a secure database
  • Easy access to quarterly tax paperwork
  • Decreased time spent on cumbersome processes


Payroll processing software allows companies to focus less on tedious paperwork and tasks and have confidence that their employees are paid accurately, and their employer taxes are filed on time.

Cost varies by provider – some companies use a per employee per month (PEPM) model and charge a monthly base fee. There may also be costs associated with add-on services, integrations with other systems, and one-time implementation fees. Many providers offer different package options or tiers depending on what services you use. You will pay less just to use payroll software, and you will pay more if you add on other services such as HR and scheduling.

The cost will ultimately depend on your specific business needs, so it’s always best to speak with a cloud-based payroll solutions provider to get a more detailed price quote.

When choosing the right payroll software for your business, many different factors must be considered. It’s essential to think about how you’re processing payroll today and what you hope to accomplish.

Once you determine your needs and a budget, you can then research online payroll processing options. Leverage customer review platforms like G2 and Capterra to better understand a provider’s client experience using authentic feedback. From there, you can create a shortlist of cloud-based providers you’re considering and schedule demonstrations of their systems.

Make sure you utilize resources like buyer’s guides to help you focus on the features and payroll processing services that are most important to your business.

Suggested Online Payroll Software Resources

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*APS guarantees tax payments and filings to be accurate and timely, as long as the data provided to APS is accurate and timely and the customer’s account is sufficiently funded to cover all payroll tax liabilities. If a tax penalty is the result of our error, we’ll maintain the abatement process and absorb any fines or interest due.

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