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HR & Payroll for Financial Services

APS helps you manage employee commissions, regulatory compliance, and multiple locations in a single-system HR software for financial services.

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Streamlined HR & Payroll Financial Services

We designed our HR software for financial services and banks to manage employee training and payroll processing in the same system. Managing employee information, compensation, and performance shouldn’t be a manual process. With our HR solutions for financial services, you have the power to handle multiple locations, security, and compliance in a single platform.

Our Payroll Solutions for the Financial Services Industry

We understand the importance of managing regulatory compliance, internal training, and employee scheduling. You need financial services payroll and HR software that streamlines your paper-based processes so you can focus on providing valuable services to your clients.

Employee Training

Flexible Scheduling

Multi-Branch Management

Intuitive Reporting

Commission and Bonuses


Regulatory Compliance

Performance Management

Features of Our Payroll Software for Financial Services

Employee Database Management
  • Easily track and manage internal and federal employee training with our HR solution for financial services.
  • Simplify your bank’s payroll and HR management with our seamless integrations for general ledger accounting software.
  • Our mobile payroll and HR solutions give you and your remote employees instant access to real-time information on any device.
  • Eliminate paper-based processes with a centralized database that ensures your employee and branch data is always accurate.
  • We’re your payroll tax compliance partner, paying your financial services institution’s taxes accurately and on time*.

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  • Our intuitive payroll solution for the financial industry streamlines commissions and bonus structures for more competitive employee pay.
  • Manage salaries across locations for reduced errors and streamlined payroll for your financial services institution.
  • With our total compensation reporting, you can demonstrate the actual value of compensation and benefits to your employees for complete transparency.
  • Improve your operational efficiency, lower costs, and retain talent with HR software that automates your compensation management process.

Discover Compensation Management

  • Our performance management HR software for financial services streamlines employee appraisals to provide clear goals and accountability.
  • Utilize our HR solutions for financial services to optimize your company culture for better retention rates.
  • Automate the management of promotions and role changes, eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Use real-time analytics and dashboards to gain cross-branch visibility into your branch’s performance, such as turnover rates and labor expenses.

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  • Easily track essential HR events, such as training and certifications, with our financial services payroll and HR software.
  • Receive alerts for training enrollments, completions, and upcoming renewals to mitigate compliance risk.
  • Stay on top of your regulatory compliance needs with our team of certified tax experts.
  • Leverage global reporting for actionable insight across campuses, and automate report delivery by email.
  • Utilize our built-in Affordable Care Act solution to help you manage compliance and reporting for your bank.

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Financial Services Key Services

Financial Services Integrations

We offer integrations with popular time-tracking software and HR management systems so you can get the most out of your investments.

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Our checklist for payroll and HR for finance services explains how APS helps banks and financial institutions like yours solve their most complex business issues.
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Biggest Pain Points for HR in Financial Services

The biggest pain points that HR departments at financial institutions deal with are managing multiple office locations, commission payments, security, and paperless processes. Here’s how we’ve helped banks, investment groups, and other institutions solve these challenges with our payroll solutions for the financial industry.

Managing Large-Scale Office Locations

At APS, we understand that financial services businesses and banks often have multiple large office locations. Sometimes, these locations are across different states with hundreds or even thousands of employees. With our payroll software for banks, you can manage your sites and employees in a single system.

Human resources in the banking industry is a challenging role filled with paperwork, scheduling, recruiting, compliance, and more. Our HR software for financial services automates these workflows and eliminates manual, paper-based processes.

Our employee scheduling software lets you create, assign, and manage schedules for multiple locations using our intuitive templates. You have the flexibility to assign employees to schedules or schedules to employees. Your employee’s schedules automatically sync with payroll data for accurate paychecks and satisfied employees.

With our employee scheduling software, you can review budgeted hours, open shifts, assigned shifts, and labor costs for each schedule you create. This visibility allows you to manage your financial institution’s labor expenses more proactively.

Recruit candidates, track applicants, and hire top talent confidently with our recruiting and onboarding software, APS Hire. Our easy-to-use HR recruitment management software automates many time-consuming tasks in your hiring process for all of your locations:

Financial services firms also need to track and allocate employee time by asset type and location to improve productivity and client satisfaction. With APS Dimensions, financial institutions can closely monitor employee time to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Security and Data Breaches

Security is vital for financial institutions and banks. If a data breach occurs, the nature of the information that could be compromised is extremely sensitive. We perform full security audits of our product and infrastructure regularly to ensure your data is protected. We provide strict access controls, including multi-level security, role-based configuration, and two-factor authentication, so you decide who has access to information.

Our software’s security controls have been evaluated as meeting the standards of the SOC 1 Type 2 audit. All data is transmitted with APS encrypted servers using a 256-bit SSL extended certificate and an HTTPS layer for additional security. Our data centers are powered by redundant power with backup generators on standby for minimal disruption in the event of a natural disaster.

APS’ proprietary software for human resources management in the banking industry utilizes a centralized database for all of your HR records. These records include payroll reports, employee information, time tracking data, and more. Our unified design maintains an audit log of all changes made in the system, so it’s easy for you to maintain and prove compliance.

Support for Financial Services Institutions

Everyone at your financial institution should have an enjoyable and personalized experience when it comes to payroll and HR. With a role-based configuration, each user can make the most out of their workday. When solutions are easy to use, your workforce uses them.

Your dedicated team is available via phone, email, and support requests to answer your questions in a timely manner. You’ll also have access to our Help Center’s articles and videos for learning at your own pace. Our customers also receive lifetime training at no additional cost. Simply put, we’re here to make HR for financial services institutions easier.

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