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Time Tracking Categories (Dimensions)

With APS Dimensions time tracking categories, you’ll gain enhanced labor expense tracking and reporting for your organization.
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Customized Categories for Time Tracking

Organizations using our HR time tracking software for Dimensions can increase the accuracy and details of recorded employee hours and establish hierarchies of up to 10 categories within Dimensions. 

Specific Time Categories
Dimensions time tracking solution allows employees to allocate their time to specific categories, including:
  • Locations
  • Customers and vendors
  • Projects and items or tasks
  • Contracts
  • Grants
With employee project time tracking, your staff can allocate their hours to specific project time tracking categories on which they are working. Create Dimension items to track tasks within a project for hierarchical organization of time allocation within your organization.
With on-the-job time tracking by location Dimension, employers gain insight into how many hours are being worked at each location to manage schedules more efficiently. Use employee job site time tracking for departments, branches, cities, regions, and more.
Staff can allocate time off requests to Dimensions time tracking categories with our employee time tracking app options. Any required Dimension settings assigned to an employee will apply to their time off requests.
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Time Tracking Categories for All Types of Businesses

Our Dimensions time tracking categories are for businesses in all types of industries. Dimensions provide a clear picture of where and when employees allocate resources to specific company objectives and tasks. You can dive deeper into employee hours and earnings metrics for proactive labor expense management.


Churches can closely monitor volunteer and employee time and location tracking as funds are used to ensure deadlines are met, and the mission remains a priority.

Financial Services

With APS Dimensions, financial institutions can closely track time spent among job categories to reduce costs and increase revenue.


Our employee time tracking software allows medical practices, clinics, and assisted living facilities to track time by category to increase operational efficiency and profitability.


Hotels and resorts can leverage dimensional time tracking metrics by location to reduce operational costs better and drive revenue.


Nonprofits can closely monitor time tracking categories for work by grant so they know how much time and money is spent.


Restaurants can utilize our mobile employee time tracking options to control labor costs better and maximize profits.

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Use Dimensions to Measure Employee Productivity

With our time tracking and payroll software for Dimensions, you can gather employee performance data. Quickly assess who is spending too much or too little time on specific projects and tasks.

By utilizing project time tracking categories, businesses can view employee productivity metrics and make adjustments as needed. With a more proactive approach to employee productivity monitoring, organizations can better control labor spending and ensure clients are billed for actual hours worked.


Assign Dimensions to Employees and Teams

Assign Dimensions work time tracking categories to employees and team to ensure proper hours allocation. When used with our time and attendance tracking software, Dimensions assigned to employees are visible:

Edit Tracked Dimensions

Employees can edit their Dimension allocations when viewing their timecard but cannot edit their recorded time. This functionality allows managers to maintain control over recorded time and ensure accuracy. Wages can also be allocated for salary employees using percent allocations.


Set Up Manager Approval and Reports

Managers can edit employee time allocations when editing and approving time cards, allowing you to confirm tracked time accuracy. Employee time allocations can also be adjusted during the payroll process, ensuring your staff is paid accurately based on hours worked.

View dimensional data and time tracking metrics using the Assigned Dimensions, Hours and Earnings, and Attendance reports.

Get ROI Insights on Specific Tasks

Import your General Ledger into our payroll solution using a CSV spreadsheet to better align your payroll and finance data. Tie your dimensional time tracking data to your General Ledger and gain ROI insights for:


Automate With Attendance

Dimensions are an add-on to our Attendance solution that allows employees to select multiple categories or items for time allocation when clocking in. For example, an employee chooses the location and the client they are performing work for when clocking in.

When it’s time to process payroll, your staff’s recorded hours worked automatically sync into your payroll data. This automated process between attendance and payroll saves you valuable time, reducing your time spent from days to hours.

You can even use Dimensions even if you’re using another solution for time and attendance. Simply download our CSV template, add your recorded employee time, and import it into our system.

You can still leverage APS Dimensions for time tracking if you’re already using Dimensions via Sage Intacct. Use APS Dimensions in conjunction with our Sage Intacct integration and any Dimensions tracked in Sage Intacct.

Customized Pricing

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Employee Time Tracking Software FAQs

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions users have about employee time tracking software.

Employee time tracking is the process of an organization recording the hours worked for their staff. This process allows companies to ensure employees are paid accurately, control labor expenses, and optimize productivity.

There are several types of time tracking methods available for businesses to use:

  • Manually by spreadsheet
  • Physical time cards
  • Physical time clocks
  • Time tracking software
    • Desktop portal
    • Online kiosk
    • Mobile or tablet app
    • Biometric verification using an employee’s recorded fingerprint
    • Facial recognition

Some companies use a combination of time tracking methods depending on the complexity of their workforce.

Yes, most companies track employee time to ensure their workforce is paid accurately for the hours they work accurately. Tracking employee time safeguards employees concerning pay and protects businesses from potential noncompliance and legal issues that can arise. These issues include underpaying or overpaying employees and overtime pay.

It’s also essential for employers to track employee paid time off (PTO). When paid time off is not monitored, it can lead to issues around which employees took days off and when. If an employee is not paid for time off, this can lead to inaccurate paychecks and internal disputes.

Tracking employee time is complicated and necessary. However, most companies are not monitoring employee time details, like location, project, task, etc. There are many benefits to tracking the particular objectives and tasks your employees are allocating their time to, including:

  • Access to Employee Performance Data: With employee productivity monitoring, organizations can better control labor spending and ensure clients are billed for actual hours worked.
  • The Profitability of Specific Services: Businesses can determine with services generate the best return on investment and make decisions that will foster better profit margins.
  • Enhanced Reporting: More detailed reports of how employees’ hours and earnings are allocated ensure more accurate billing and payroll.

Tracking employee time provides hard data on which workers completed specific tasks and how many hours were recorded for each project. Monitoring this type of data creates better accountability among employees. Managers can then make more informed decisions around employee performance and identify any areas for improvement.

Employee time tracking can boost productivity and morale. Companies that monitor paid time off and encourage employees to take vacations have a more satisfied workforce. Businesses also see reduced absenteeism and turnover among employees. Tracking employee time is essential to understand how time is spent in your organization to ensure your staff works efficiently towards goals and objectives.

Why Choose APS for Your Time Tracking Needs?

APS provides configurable software for your time tracking needs. APS Dimensions offer another layer of visibility into employee hours when used with our Payroll and Attendance solutions. Track essential employee time attributes such as location, department, customer, vendor, item, project, grant, and contract. With APS Dimensions, employers can:

When used with our time tracking and payroll software, dimensional data automatically syncs into your payroll process for accurate, timely paychecks. View allocated employee time during payroll processing and in the payroll batch report. Review any salary wages allocated and add income items that are not used to pay an hourly amount before you process payroll.

Use Dimensions with the following supported time capture methods for a customized time tracking solution that fits your organization’s needs:

Tracking time with Dimensions is an effective way to record and report on the details of the hours worked for your staff.

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