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Employee Performance Management Software

Save valuable time, set goals, and make your workforce more accountable with our employee performance management software.
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Benefits Administration

Meaningful Performance Reviews

Replace time-consuming and paper-based processes with cloud-based performance management software. Help your employees develop their skills, reach their goals, and foster better communication.

Improve Engagement

With staff performance management software, you can develop an evaluation process that involves both managers and employees.

Open Feedback

Foster a culture of open feedback and strong work relationships with automated, two-way communication.

Interactive Process

Employees can access, self-review, and electronically sign their reviews for more streamlined performance management.

Goals & Accountability

Create goals for employees with performance management system software to provide clear direction on improving their careers.

Employee Performance Software for Every Industry

Our employee performance measurement software helps businesses in all types of industries. Conduct employee performance evaluations at a frequency that aligns with your business goals. Create a streamlined employee performance management process that fosters productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.

Financial Services

Use our software to track employee performance to help your financial services organization build skill sets and increase productivity.


Your healthcare facility can measure key performance indicators to meet organizational goals with our employee performance management system.


Our employee performance software can help your hospitality organization measure performance across locations to help control turnover rates and increase customer satisfaction.


Use our HR performance management software to drive more motivated and productive employees to help achieve your nonprofit’s mission.

Religious Organizations

Manage your religious organization’s productivity for employees and volunteers with our performance management software to focus on your mission.


With our staff performance management software, your restaurant can create a process that promotes feedback, guidance, and recognition for increased employee retention.

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Performance-Based Decisions and Goal Accountability

With employee performance monitoring software, you can quickly access a centralized record system to review performance data throughout the entire period. Our employee performance tracking software makes it easier to write accurate performance reviews for increased goal transparency and accountability.
Increase Transparency
  • Employee performance management software allows you to keep track of your staff’s progress with details such as pay rates, bonuses, raises, and promotions.
  • An intuitive workflow allows you to conduct reviews at any time, whether annual, quarterly, or even more frequently.
  • With an employee performance management software system, you can quickly identify performance gaps to improve staff efficiency and engagement.
  • Managers have employee performance analysis software tools to motivate their workers for increased productivity and career development.
  • Easily rate goal achievement and assess performance against job-specific competencies and core company values with our employee performance appraisal software.
  • Our employee performance evaluation software helps you create happier, more engaged workers with clear, consistent goals to retain top talent.

Customized Pricing

Ready to make your payroll and HR easier? Let’s crunch the numbers.

Employee Performance Review Software FAQs

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions users have about performance management software for employees.

Employee performance management is the process of providing feedback and guidance to staff to improve productivity. An employee’s performance is evaluated and compared against set goals to measure improvement. Performance reviews also identify an employee’s strengths and weaknesses so managers can determine career development and training needs. When employee performance is optimized, the strategic goals of an organization are achieved.

Employee performance management is different from performance management software, which automates an organization’s performance review process.

Managing employee performance is essential to the success of an organization and its ability to achieve goals. Employee performance management boosts productivity and satisfaction. The more satisfied employees are in their roles, the longer and more active they stay.

Performance management software helps companies automate their employee review process. Ideally, it automates with your employee records database and ensures goal accountability. Tracking employee performance with software eliminates manual, paper-based processes.

The best employee performance management software options are part of a payroll and HR platform. This design provides an all-in-one approach to employee lifecycle management.

How does performance management software work? A typical process involves automation of the following steps:

  • Create a performance review template using ratings, questions, and weighted scoring.
  • Schedule a performance review for an employee.
  • Conduct the performance review and establish goals.
  • The employee conducts a self-review of their performance.
  • The manager and HR approve the review.
  • The employee and manager e-sign the performance review.

All of these steps are automated and tracked in the performance management software, which increases accountability.

Mid-size organizations need to use performance management software because it supports long-term growth and success. The best employee performance review software options provide detailed insight into an employee’s performance.

Managers can then make decisions around compensation, career development, and job responsibilities. Performance management software allows businesses to create strategies that will increase productivity and decrease turnover. This approach has a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

Why Choose APS’ HR Performance Management Software?

Our employee performance software is part of our all-in-one payroll and HR platform, automating the entire employee lifecycle. You can quickly see an overview of employee reviews and goals that are due/overdue, in progress, or require approval from the performance management dashboard. This instant access allows for immediate action to be taken and ensures a streamlined employee performance management process. With our performance management workflow:

Our goal is to make payroll and HR processes easier. With online benefits administration, you can spend less time dealing with data entry and paperwork and more time focusing on your employees. Our step-by-step open enrollment process provides a clear and concise overview of benefit plans. Employees are guided through the enrollment process in our employee self-service portal. During open enrollment, employees can:

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