Performance Management

Save valuable time, set goals, and make your employees more accountable with online performance reviews.

Meaningful Performance Reviews

Replace time-consuming and paper-based processes with online performance management to help your employees develop their skills, reach their goals, and foster better communication.


Improve Engagement

Develop a performance evaluation process that involves both managers and employees.

Goals and Accountability

Create goals for employees to give them a clear direction on how they can improve and further their careers.

Interactive Process

Employees can access, self-review, and electronically sign their reviews for more streamlined performance management.

Performance-Based Decisions & Goal Accountability

With performance management, you can quickly access a centralized system of record to review performance data throughout the entire period, making it easy to write an accurate performance review. We make performance reviews easier with goal transparency and accountability.


Increase Transparency

Keep a finger on the pulse of your employees’ progress with details such as pay rates, bonuses, raises, and promotions.

Flexible Reviews Frequency

An intuitive workflow allows you to conduct reviews at any time, whether it’s annual, quarterly, or even more frequently.


Insightful Performance Data

Easily identify performance gaps to improve employee performance and engagement.

Improve Productivity

Managers have the tools to motivate their employees for increased productivity, development, and efficiency.

Create Accountability

Easily rate goal achievement and assess performance against job-specific competencies and core company values.

Employee Retention

Create happier, more engaged employees with clear, consistent goals to retain top talent.

Let's Make Payroll and HR easier

Hear why APS’ award-winning technology and services have earned us a 98% customer retention rate.

What our customers are saying

electronically track reviews
Being able to electronically track performance reviews, OSHA tracking and disciplinary reports has been wonderful. We love how easy the website is to navigate.

Aleigh Kalesse

Composite & Metal Products


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