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Education HR Software

APS helps you manage multiple pay groups, tax compliance regulations, and the entire employee lifecycle in a single-system education HR software.
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Improve Your Educational Institution’s HR Department

We designed our HR education platform to track and manage various positions, day-to-day schedules, and multiple locations in the same education HR software. Managing your lifelong employees shouldn’t be a time-consuming and manual process. With our school HR software, you have the power to handle hiring, tenured positions, and retirement.

Our Education Payroll Software Solutions

We understand the importance of managing multiple pay groups, tax compliance, and the employee lifecycle. You need education HR software that streamlines your manual and paper-based processes so you can focus on providing your student body an enriching academic experience.

Payroll Tax Compliance

Flexible Scheduling

Multiple Pay Groups


Recruiting & Onboarding

Performance Management

Online Benefits Enrollment

Intuitive Reporting

School Payroll Software Features

HR and Payroll
  • Manage everything from deductions to overtime pay for your school with our powerful calculation engine.
  • Simplify your education HR management with our seamless integrations for 401(k) retirement accounts.
  • Track and allocate employee time by projects or grants using Dimensions.
  • Our mobile payroll and HR solutions give you and your remote employees instant access to real-time information on any device.
  • We’re your payroll tax compliance partner, paying your educational institution’s taxes accurately and on time*.

Learn About HR and Payroll

  • Use real-time analytics and dashboards to gain cross-campus visibility into your educational institution’s performance, such as turnover rates and labor expenses.
  • Utilize our built-in Affordable Care Act solution to help you manage compliance and reporting for your school.
  • Gather the information needed for reporting and use that data to file forms with the appropriate agencies to mitigate risk.
  • Leverage global reporting for actionable insight across campuses, and automate report delivery by email.

Explore HR Reporting

  • Utilize our education HR services and software to optimize your company culture for better retention rates.
  • Monitor performance metrics with our software for HR education to boost employee productivity and drive goal accountability.
  • Manage your educational institution’s compensation and benefits with our school payroll system.
  • Our HR and payroll software for education automates the management of promotions and role changes, eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Easily track important HR events, such as training and certifications, with our school HR software.

Discover the Employee Lifecycle

  • Create a better candidate experience with customized job postings, automated job promotion, and mobile-optimized applications.
  • Communicate more effectively with candidates using our texting solution to minimize application abandonment.
  • Filter applicants with assessments and prescreen questions to narrow down candidates that fit your school’s culture faster.
  • Order background checks on potential candidates to ensure you’re hiring the best people for your educational institution.
  • Schedule interviews with applicants using our calendar integration with Apple, Google, Outlook, and more to decrease your hiring time.
  • Create manager and employee checklists for required forms and tasks to ensure new hires start their first day off right.

Learn About Recruiting & Onboarding

Education Key Services

Integrations for Schools

We offer integrations with popular time-tracking software and accounting packages so you can get the most out of your investments.

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Biggest Pain Points for Educational HR

The most significant pain points that HR departments at schools deal with are managing a wide range of positions, day-to-day schedules, multiple locations, and lifelong employees. Here’s how we’ve helped colleges, schools, and other learning institutions solve these challenges with our HR and payroll system for education.

Wide Range of Positions

At APS, we understand that schools and educational institutions hire so many different types of employees. Filling positions like adjunct professors, full-time professors, administrators, and students means managing multiple pay rates accurately and efficiently. With our payroll software for schools, you can configure your pay rates and process paychecks with confidence.

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Day-To-Day Schedules

People who work for schools tend to have hectic schedules that deviate from the traditional nine-to-five routine. Professors and students may not have classes every day, while administrators tend to work Monday through Friday.

Our employee scheduling software allows you to create, assign, and manage schedules for multiple campuses using our intuitive templates. You have the flexibility to assign employees to schedules or schedules to employees. Your employee’s schedules automatically sync with payroll data for accurate paychecks and satisfied employees.

With our employee scheduling software, you can review budgeted hours, open shifts, assigned shifts, and labor costs for each schedule you create. This visibility allows you to manage your school’s labor expenses more proactively.

Multiple Locations

Many educational institutions have multiple campuses and locations as a convenience to their students. Our cloud-based education HR software system is an ideal solution for organizations with multiple locations. You can manage payroll and HR for your school’s campuses all on the same platform.

Our centralized database design maintains the information for all employees across locations, which ensures accuracy and reduces the potential for errors. This unified approach also ensures that all system users are accessing the same data for increased efficiency. Manage your educational institution’s campuses more effectively without having to log in and out of multiple systems.

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Lifelong Employees

It’s common for employees at educational institutions to work for the same institution or school their entire career. This tendency to remain employed at one school for an extended period often leads to tenure or pension.

With our education HR software, you can manage employee status changes, salary increases, and adjustments to benefit packages in a single solution. Streamline your processes and let our HR and payroll software for education do the heavy lifting.

We’re Here to Support You and Your Institution

Everyone at your school should have an enjoyable and personalized experience when it comes to payroll and HR. With a role-based configuration, each user can make the most out of their workday. When solutions are easy to use, your workforce uses them.

Your dedicated four-person team is available via email, phone, and support requests to answer your questions in a timely manner. You’ll also have access to our Help Center’s articles and videos for learning at your own pace. Our customers also receive lifetime training at no additional cost.

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Partner with a Company that Knows Education HR

APS works with educational institutions and schools across the country, so we understand what matters most to you. We designed our school payroll services and HR education software to meet the needs of your organization, including:

Many HR managers at educational institutions struggle with managing time-off requests, online benefits enrollment, and employee information updates. Our single-system HR and payroll software for education automates these processes, allowing you to improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity.

It can also be challenging for colleges, universities, and childcare facilities to recruit and hire the right people. With our recruitment and onboarding software, you’ll streamline your hiring process and reduce turnover.

More employees are working remotely, especially in the education industry. APS’ HR and payroll system for education is cloud-based and secure, so your workforce can be productive no matter where they work. Our mobile solutions ensure that your staff stays engaged and foster open communication.

With APS, you gain a partner that knows education HR and can help you achieve optimal system adoption. We want your school to be successful and realize a quicker return on your investment so you can re-invest in your students.

Suggested Resources for Education

We have informational resources and tools for all your workforce management needs. Check out our handy articles, checklists, eBooks, guides, industry overviews, reports, and white papers with valuable information about Core HR and Payroll.

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