Manage labor costs and create a more productive workforce and healthier bottom line.

How We Make Attendance Easier

Our attendance solution is logically designed to be efficient, unified with key HR and payroll processes. Labor expenses can easily be managed and tracked, compliance risks minimized, and reports run in an accurate fashion so managers are empowered to make the most informed decisions.

Track Time Efficiently

Simplified Time Tracking

Eliminate manual processes and duplicate data entry with accurate tracking of employee time.

Automate with Payroll

Automate With Payroll

Automatically sync attendance and payroll data so employees are paid correctly for the time they worked.

Control Labor Costs

Control Labor Costs

Control costs with labor expense reporting for better management of regular and premium pay.
Manage Schedules

Improve PTO Processes

Manage PTO requests with real-time data to improve the employee experience and reduce payroll errors.





Create, assign, and manage employee schedules to streamline your workforce.

  • Flexible scheduling options like designating multiple shifts to employees or multiple workers to one shift.
  • Manage and view employee attendance information in real-time.
  • Receive alerts when employees are approaching overtime.


ACA Reporting Services

Use our mobile app to access and complete attendance tasks on your preferred device.

  • Employees can view and eSign their time cards for visibility into hours worked.
  • With a few taps, staff can review their accruals and submit time-off requests.
  • Upon login, users will see alerts for tasks that need immediate action.

Time Capture Options

Easily capture employee time for increased productivity, more accurate payroll, and a healthier bottom line. Our mobile, kiosk, biometric, and online-based options give you the ability to customize your time capture workflows.



  • Hourly and remote workers can clock in and out using GPS tracking for accurate, real-time data.
  • Employees who do not typically clock in can self-report time to efficiently capture hours.
  • Automated time capture reduces payroll processing from days to hours.


  • Employees can quickly clock in and out to reduce bottlenecks at time clocks.
  • Track time for diverse work environments and wage structures.
  • Use clock rules to control when employees clock in to ensure pay is based on hours worked and accurately apply types of premium pay.


  • Prevent buddy punching for better labor expense control.
  • Verification time is less than one second.
  • Time clocks are a durable and low maintenance option.


  • Timesheets allow employees to log their hours via self service.
  • Employees can clock in and out using the time clock, which validates punches. 
  • Spend less time correcting time card errors and more time on strategic projects.

Employee and Manager Self Service

Equip your employees and managers with access to relevant attendance information.

  • Save time by giving your employees and managers the power to be productive from any device.
  • Delegate tasks and ensure accountability with visibility of time off requests, available PTO balances, and employee clock-in statuses.
Employee and Manager Self Service

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Real-Time Attendance Analytics

Use our analytical library of Attendance Tiles to make data-driven decisions about your most important asset: your people. Quantify the success of your time and labor management processes so you can make the best choices for your workforce. With better visualization of attendance metrics, you can answer your organization’s most critical questions, including:

  • Absenteeism
  • Revenue per employee
  • Overtime trends by location or department
APS Core HR: Reporting

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