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Employee Self-Service Payroll

Our employee self-service payroll software provides employees and managers instant access to vital information from any device.

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Employee Self-Service Payroll Features

It’s challenging to improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity without the right tools. Our employee self-service software allows your staff to perform many tasks proactively. Save time during your workday and maintain process control with our online employee self-service system.

Instant Access to HR and Payroll Tasks

Staff can review payroll history, edit demographic information, and access tax forms in the employee service portal.

Proactive Time & Attendance

Check on PTO balances, requested and scheduled time off, and view time card data.

Easy Online Enrollment

Enroll in plans and manage dependents’ information in the ESS system for a streamlined benefits process.

Effective Employee Communication

Communicate important information in the employee self-service portal with text notifications and our company newsfeed for better engagement.


APS Mobile: a Self-Service Payroll System on the Go

Take your payroll and HR tasks on the go. Our self-service mobile app makes it easy to be productive, whether you’re in the office or working from home.
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Payroll ESS System for Every Industry

We provide a complete self-service HR solution for businesses in a variety of industries. We design our self-service management software to meet your industry’s unique needs for better efficiency and productivity.


With employee self service, your church’s staff can view their pay stubs, self-report hours, and update demographic information, creating more efficient payroll and HR processes.

Financial Services

Our HR and payroll self-service software allows your financial institution to manage employee scheduling for branches more effectively.


Our self-service HR software gives your healthcare facility better control over labor expenses with real-time insight into employee time tracking.


With HR and payroll employee self service, your hospitality organization can track employee time by department and location for multi-location labor management.


Our online employee self-service system allows your nonprofit to reduce manual data entry, shift administrative tasks to staff, and increase productivity.


Our employee self service for payroll and HR provides a single sign-on for integrations with scheduling platforms for streamlined time and labor management.

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Manager Self-Service Software Features

Our manager self-service module extends responsibilities to your leaders and enables them to be more efficient. Managers can edit time cards, see which employees are on FMLA and sick leave, and facilitate performance reviews. Whether on their desktop or mobile device, managers can access their tasks and prioritize them more easily.

Time and Labor

Access employees’ clock-in statuses, manage time-off requests for review and approval, and view real-time data reports for simplified time and labor management.

Explore Time and Labor

View employees on vacation, access current counts of active and inactive employees, and review employee record information for easier workforce management.

Discover Workforce Status

Oversee disciplinary actions, training requirements, promotions, and staffing changes for streamlined events management.

Explore Employee Events

Manager Self Service Software Features

Customized Pricing

Ready to make your payroll and HR easier? Let’s crunch the numbers.

Employee Self-Service Payroll & HR Software FAQs

Here is an overview of users’ most frequently asked questions about employee manager self-service software.

Here is a simple definition: Employee self service is a technology that gives access to employee information and allows employees to handle many payroll and HR-related tasks independently. HR employee self service software empowers a company’s workforce to take more ownership of responsibilities without human resource assistance. Employee self-service payroll software aims to engage and empower workers, so they feel more connected at work.

A manager self-service portal gives supervisors the ability to perform essential daily tasks that generally requires HR’s assistance. Many leaders enjoy having access to self-service functionality. It allows them to manage their staff better and play a more strategic role in their organization. Manager self-service allows managers and HR to collaborate more closely.

An ESS, or employee self-service portal, is an online tool that organizations use to provide workers access to essential payroll and HR-related information. An HR employee portal is also used for employee-specific transactions and communicating critical information, all in a central location. Employee self-service portals make it easier for employers to connect with their workforce.

Self-service portals for employees function by providing access to relevant payroll and HR information. This access allows employees to perform specific tasks that would otherwise require the assistance of human resources. HR self service portals make it easier for managers to focus on more strategic initiatives by delegating routine tasks to employees.

Before creating an employee self-service portal, it’s important to identify what purpose it will serve. Some examples include:

  • To automate repetitive tasks, digitize company documents, or minimize paper-based processes
  • To create a communication hub for important information between a company and its employees
  • To improve team collaboration


Once you have determined your goal for the employee self-service (ESS) system, you then need to decide whether it will be created internally or if you will purchase a solution. Many payroll and HR vendors offer self-service payroll system portals that are part of their technology platform, so they are easier to manage internally. If you decide to purchase a solution from a payroll and HR vendor, the software may require staff to use employee self-service accounts for access.

Why Partner with APS for Your Payroll Self-Service Needs?

We develop our payroll and HR technology internally, including our manager and employee self-service solutions. Our mission is to make payroll and HR easier for our customers, including providing an intuitive self-service solution. Our self-service management software automates your workforce processes and engages your staff, no matter where they work.

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