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Employee Database Management Software

Easily track and manage employee information and run reports to get a global view of staff activities and milestones with our employee database management software for event tracking.
Event Tracking
Event Tracking

Database Dashboard Alerts

Our online employee file management provides dashboard alerts about essential employee information. Access employee record information by category or filters so you can quickly see events that are open, due in the next 30 days, and overdue.

Information Management

Quickly see activity statuses with our staff record software so you can take action and complete the task.


Get an instant view of employee data such as certifications, training, pay changes, and leave tracking for proactive HR records management.


Search our work records software for information by employee name, number, social security number, or activity description.

Access to Details

Instantly view real-time details for accruals, benefits, reviews, taxes, and more without needing to leave an employee record.

Tracking Employee Information

APS’ employee file management system tracks and manages all of your workforce’s information. Configure what kind of employee information you want to track based on your organization’s specific needs. Include follow-up dates, and tie data to other areas of our HRIS system, such as:

Employee Database Software For Every Industry

Our employee record management software helps businesses in all types of industries. Manage all of your employee-related data securely in our personnel records software. View employee records to see everything happening, including pay changes, training, documents, goals, and more.


Track staff and volunteer activities across your church’s campuses with our employee information management software.

Financial Services

Use our employee training records management software to oversee internal and federal employee training to ensure your financial organization’s compliance.



With our employee information management system, you can track certifications, record changes, and position changes for your hospitality organization across locations.


Our employee profile database software makes it easy to track your nonprofit organization’s necessary staff and volunteer information.


Use our staff training records software to track and manage certification and license renewals, including ABC and ServSafe.

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Training Course Management

Track and manage your internal and regulatory training courses in our secure employee training database software. Manage employee license and certification renewals to ensure compliance.
Comprehensive Management
  • Add recurring or as-needed courses. When employees enroll in courses, you’ll see enrollment status and completion dates.
  • Your staff can enroll in training courses using the employee self-service portal on any device.
  • Automate your training course process with the flexibility to enroll employees in classes individually or in bulk.
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Customized Pricing

Ready to make your payroll and HR easier? Let’s crunch the numbers.

Employee Database Management FAQs

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions users have about employee database management software.

Employee database management is the process of storing, managing, and tracking all employee information and activities. This data includes:

  • Tax information for federal, state, and local withholdings
  • Rates and deductions for payroll processing
  • Accrual plans
  • Current benefits, dependents, and beneficiary information
  • Events like pay changes and FMLA leave
  • Performance reviews and goals
  • Documents requiring signature
  • Other important information like hire date, birth date, and length of service

HR departments can refer to this information to decide on training processes, recruiting tactics, benefits offerings, and more. With everything stored in one centralized database, employers can make strategic decisions in a more timely manner.

An employee database management system automates and stores employee records on a secure online server. Employee record software eliminates the need to keep manual records, which reduces data entry and the potential for errors. Many employee database management systems are part of a payroll and HR platform. The employee records serve as the record of truth and feed information into other areas of the system.

For example, an employee’s classification and pay rate are used to process payroll. An employee’s benefits and tax information determine what deductions are withheld from their paycheck.

There are many benefits to using an employee information management system, including:

  • Employee data is consolidated into a single location and is accessible anywhere.
  • Staff information is stored on a secure server to protect against unauthorized access.
  • Compliance risk is reduced because record retention standards are maintained.
  • Productivity increases because many tasks and processes are automated.

Employee database management systems are helpful in that they can securely store a variety of information, including job title, length of service, accruals, performance reviews, documents, and more.

Records management has a significant impact on HR departments. Employee records provide a history of that person’s activities during their time with the company. Having access to a complete audit log of an employee record is vital for several reasons:

  • Employers have to adhere to records retention standards to ensure compliance with established legislation, such as maintaining W-4s and I-9s.
  • Employee records are used to make informed decisions about pay raises, promotions, and career development.
  • Documentation such as a signed employee handbook, job application, and performance review goals demonstrate a written account of expected employee behavior.
  • Disciplinary actions and conversations with employees are critical to record in the event of a legal proceeding or termination.

Proper management of employee records ensures an employer maintains compliance and avoids any accusations of discriminatory actions.

Furthermore, HR needs to store and manage employee records properly because this facilitates monitoring productivity and performance. Employee records management is essential to support career development and business growth.

Why Choose APS’ Employee Database Software?

We develop our employee database software internally, ensuring secure and accurate storage of your workforce’s essential information. Our employee records track and maintain vital data that syncs to your payroll, attendance, benefits, and other HR processes. This all-in-one approach allows you to conduct payroll and HR tasks in a single location using accurate data. You can track and manage all employee information from hire to retire to increase productivity and mitigate compliance risks.

Our employee database software allows you to track and manage the following events about your workforce:

From there, you can run employee record reports for events and leave tacking to get a more granular view of data. All information is also easily accessible from the employee records. You can even create dashboard views of essential employee metrics for quicker reference.

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