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Payroll & HR Solutions for Your Industry

Whether you’re a restaurant, hospital, or nonprofit, APS’ payroll and HR platform can help solve your biggest challenges.

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Unified Solutions by Industry


Manage multiple pay groups, tax compliance, and employee lifecycle management, all in an easy-to-use solution.

Financial Services

Easily manage regulatory and internal training, as well as employee scheduling across departments and branches.


Realign resources, manage the complexity of an ever-changing environment, and focus on strategic goals.


Recruit, hire, and manage employees across locations while gaining visibility into cross-company metrics for better-controlled costs.

Manufacturing & Machinery

Increase employee productivity and safety while automating core workforce management processes.


Prepare for the future with reduced overhead, a more strategically aligned workforce, improved efficiency, and better insight into information.

Oil & Gas

Track employee time, manage labor expenses, and proactively handle employee safety in an adaptable, unified platform.


Manage an ever-changing workforce and gain a real-time, consolidated view into operations across locations.

Technology Services

Optimize your workforce and simplify time labor management while managing compliance and rapid growth.

Religious Organizations

Handle all of your multi-campus, special taxation issues, and fund allocation needs with a single-system payroll and HR platform.

Wholesale, Distribution,
& Supply

Streamline your workforce processes & simplify time labor management while avoiding hassles of expensive upgrades to outdated systems.

All Industries

No matter your industry, APS provides total workforce management solutions that can adapt to meet your growing businesses needs.


Seamless integration with your business platforms

Connect your existing POS, accounting, and 401(k) systems with the APS platform for a time and cost-saving solution. We offer hundreds of imports, exports, and integrations so you can make the most of your investments.

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Focused on the User Experience

We want everyone in your organization to have an enjoyable and personalized experience with our platform. With a role-based configuration, each user can make the most workday. 


We designed our technology to be delightfully intuitive. Payroll, HR, attendance, recruiting, onboarding, and ACA really can be managed under one roof.


Productivity shouldn’t end when you leave your desk. APS Mobile empowers employees and managers to knock out that to-do list from their preferred device.


APS Dashboards consolidates your organization’s key data into a single view for more proactive management. You get real-time information at your fingertips, which means better collaboration and decision making.

Our Platform

APS provides a complete suite of solutions in a unified platform
to meet the unique needs of any organization.

Payroll, HR, and Attendance

Organize, manage, pay, and schedule your workforce while reducing the costs and risks.

Recruiting & Onboarding

Easily attract, hire, & onboard top talent with the same platform you use to manage everything else about your workforce.

ACA Compliance & Reporting

Manage ACA compliance in the same centralized database as your workforce management processes to eliminate errors & duplicate entry.

Customized Pricing

Ready to make your payroll and HR easier? Let’s crunch the numbers.

Our Satisfied Clients

We accomplish our mission by focusing on the total customer experience, consistently beating the competition based on user reviews.

Lori Sauve

HR Manger, Orthopedic Surgery and Sports

We have about 60 employees, and it was getting hard to manage payroll, HR, attendance, and compliance training. I love the system's ease and layout, and APS has followed through with all implementation and training along the way!

Angie White

Senior Vice President, North Louisiana Economics Partnership

Having APS manage our payroll system has helped us tremendously and makes me less worried we are missing something.

Heather Schmitz

Payroll Administrator, Arnaud's Restaurant

I like the APS platform most because of its ease of use and capabilities. The data entry is quick and straightforward. I can upload employee time directly into the payroll spreadsheet saving time from manually entering each employee's time record. The payroll datasheet even has a red area to denote deductions. I have used many other payroll platforms, and the one provided by APS is by far the greatest of all time!

Jeff Piehl

CFO, Constance Evangelical Free Church

APS is always available for questions and helping out with those strange little one-off situations that escape the usual training and set FAQs because, let's face it, we all expect a payroll service to do the typical payroll tasks well.

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We have informational resources and tools for all your workforce management needs. Check out our handy articles, checklists, eBooks, guides, industry overviews, reports, and white papers with valuable information about Core HR and Payroll.

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