Online Employee Scheduling

Create, edit, and assign schedules to your employees for better labor expense management.

Simplified Scheduling

Our scheduling solution isn’t complicated or overwhelming. Create the schedules you need and assign employees based on total labor expense.


Scheduling Alerts

Receive dashboard alerts for absent and late employees, schedule conflicts, shift time variances, and clock-in exceptions for proactive scheduling management.


Complete Transparency

Control costs with labor expense reporting for better management of regular and premium employee pay.


Empower Employees

Employees can view their schedules by email, printed copy, or in self service on a desktop or mobile device for better communication.

Powerful Labor Expense Management

  • View your total labor cost based on which employees are scheduled to avoid over-staffing and under-staffing.
  • Review budgeted hours, open shifts, assigned shifts, and labor expense for each schedule you create.
  • Instantly know how many people are scheduled, how many people are needed, and how many total hours are allocated for each shift.

Our Solution does the heavy lifting for you

Create the schedules based on how your staff works and configure them to create a seamless scheduling experience for you and your employees.

Assign Shifts to an Employee

Unlimited Templates

Create templates based on departments, breaks, a period of time, and more to meet your unique scheduling needs.

Complete Transparency

Configurable to Your Needs

You choose the start and end times, break times, and the number of employees needed.

Complete Transparency

Intuitive Workflow

Add employees directly to templates and generate recurring schedules automatically to save even more time.

Assign Employees to a Shift

Flexible Shift Assignments

Assign multiple employees to one shift or multiple shifts to one employee all in one screen.

Edit Employee Schedules

Edit Employee Schedules

Add new shifts or edit existing shifts for scheduling that adapts to workforce changes.

Empower Employees

Actionable Reporting

Compare actual hours worked against scheduled hours to identify schedule variance trends.

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What our customers are saying

easy to process payroll


APS makes it easy to process payroll. The APS solution has cut our processing time in at least half.

Ashley Paulson

Sioux Falls Credit Union


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