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Manufacturing companies struggle with managing employee safety, productivity, and automating core processes. You need manufacturing payroll software that streamlines manual, paper-based processes so you can focus on customer retention and growth.

APS designed our platform to schedule workers, manage costs and overhead, and automate core processes in the same HR manufacturing software. Managing the lifecycle of your employees shouldn’t be a time-consuming and manual process. With APS, you have the power to handle everything from hiring to retirement.

Viewing your plant’s key metrics shouldn’t be next to impossible, so we built our reporting and analytics to take out the guesswork. It’s time to stop spending your workday being reactive and dealing with tasks like correcting timesheets, fixing payroll errors, and drowning in a mountain of paperwork. APS is here to make payroll and HR easier.


Managing Shift Schedules

Managing Shift Schedules

  • Use our employee scheduling software or integrate our manufacturing payroll system with your time-tracking software for better automation.
  • Manage schedules and track attendance for multiple employee types.
  • Avoid understaffing and overstaffing for better control over labor expenses.
  • Time tracking data syncs with your payroll to ensure accurate processing of shift hours worked, PTO used, and overtime.
GPS Time Tracking

GPS Time Tracking

  • Hourly, traveling, and remote employees can clock in and out using GPS tracking for real-time data on where your plant’s staff is logging their hours worked.
  • Employees can clock in and out on their mobile devices using our self-service HR software for manufacturing.
  • Create Clock Zones to define specified areas where employees can clock in and out for more accurate time capture.
  • Leverage mobile punch activity reports to view where and when your employees logged their hours.
Labor Management

Labor Management

  • Receive alerts for missed punches with our payroll software for the manufacturing industry.
  • Get notified about employee time-off requests automatically for a more efficient process.
  • With our HR manufacturing solutions, always know when employees are in or approaching overtime for more proactive management.
  • Utilize various time capture options, including mobile and biometric, for better control over labor costs.
Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

  • Track and manage all of your manufacturing company’s property assigned to employees for a healthier bottom line.
  • Our manufacturing payroll software automates the process of tracking equipment like computers, cell phones, company vehicles, and more.
  • Assign assets to employees, including the issue date, recovery date, and value.
  • Use our intuitive asset management dashboard to assess costs and make more informed decisions.


We offer integrations with popular time-tracking software and shop management systems so you can get the most out of your investments.

Oracle NetSuite
Intuit Quickbooks
Wells Fargo
Sage Intacct


The biggest pain points that HR departments in the manufacturing industry deal with are technology, attrition, talent shortages, and employee engagement. Here’s how we’ve helped textile mills, apparel, electrical equipment, and other businesses solve these challenges with our software for payroll and HR in the manufacturing industry.

Transitioning to Tech


The manufacturing industry is struggling to transition to more technology-driven processes. There are many HR and payroll issues and considerations in the manufacturing industry to take into account. Manufacturing businesses can no longer afford to rely on manual, paper-driven workflows.

Our goal is to provide the best payroll software for a manufacturing company to automate its processes. With our HR and payroll solution, manufacturing businesses can:

  • Manage multiple job roles and rates of pay for accurate and timely payroll.
  • Communicate to their staff about safety training and regulations using our employee self-service solution to ensure compliance.
  • Adopt a paperless payroll process with direct deposit, paycards, and electronic pay stubs.

With our payroll software for small manufacturing companies and mid-sized manufacturing businesses, you can finally make the transition to tech that will help drive future growth and success.

Manufacturing and Machinery Second Image
Attrition, Manufacturing Payroll Software


The manufacturing industry suffers from a high attrition rate compared with other sectors. This challenge spurs various subsequent problems, such as overworked employees.

Using recruiting and onboarding software like APS Hire helps the manufacturing sector recruit candidates, track applicants, and hire qualified workers in a centralized location. You’ll save valuable time with a recruiting strategy that allows you to hone in on the most qualified candidates. Then, you can fast-track those applicants based on your manufacturing company’s needs and hire skilled employees for the right positions:

  • Create a more personalized candidate experience with mobile-optimized applications and configurable postings for jobs and apprenticeships.
  • Filter applicants with assessments and prescreen questions to narrow down top candidates faster.
  • Utilize scorecards and in-depth interview guides to improve your manufacturing company’s hiring accuracy and consistency.

By utilizing HR technology to manage your recruiting and applicant tracking processes, you will build a solid strategy for handling attrition in the manufacturing industry. You’ll start filling more of those vacant positions.

Talent Shortage (Under-Qualified Workers)


There’s an overall shortage of qualified manufacturing industry workers, partially due to a lack of trade school attendance and STEM learning. It’s even more challenging to attract and retain skilled trade workers when younger generations opt for four-year degrees.

Implementing programs to properly train and support educational opportunities for employees helps close the skills gap. APS’ HR and payroll for manufacturing can help you automate processes like certification tracking and continuing education to grow your pool of skilled workers. You’ll become an employer of choice and gain a competitive advantage with streamlined workflows for:

  • Integrations with learning management systems and tracking of vocational certification and courses for a more defined employee training process
  • Performance management for better collaboration with manufacturing workers to create goals and give them a clear career development path
  • Management of bonuses and incentives for younger employees for a more refined payroll process in the manufacturing industry
Talent Shortage (Unqualified Workers), Manufacturing Payroll Software
Employee Engagement Manufacturing Payroll Software
Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

The manufacturing industry has a low level of employee engagement. This disengagement can create disconnects between employees and managers and employees and HR admins. The manufacturing sector must develop a positive company culture that encourages and supports its workers.

The first 90 days determine whether a new employee stays or leaves. APS’ employee onboarding solutions provide the tools you need to create a thorough onboarding process that sets your new hires up for success:

  • Create employee checklists so your new hires know what to expect.
  • New hires can e-sign their documents, which are then stored in our centralized and secure database automatically.
  • Reduce manual processes further by creating electronic versions of your existing paper forms.

With our employee self-service solution, you can engage with your workers through push notifications and text messages. This proactive communication empowers your workers to take action, creates accountability, and makes them feel more included in your company’s culture.

HR analytics in the manufacturing sector can help you communicate the value of an employee’s compensation package with total compensation reporting. This compensation statement breaks down items like:

  • Wages
  • Health insurance
  • Bonuses
  • Retirement matching

Providing this valuable document demonstrates to your employees that you value them and have a vested interest in their growth.


Everyone in your manufacturing plant should have an enjoyable and personalized experience in payroll and HR. With a role-based configuration, each user can make the most out of their workday. When solutions are easy to use, your people actually use them.

Your dedicated four-person team is available via email, phone, and support requests to answer your questions promptly. You’ll also have access to our Help Center’s articles and videos for learning at your own pace. Our customers also receive lifetime training at no additional cost.


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