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Paperless Employee Payroll Software

Achieve a 100% electronic payroll process with our flexible, paperless payroll software and digital employee pay options.

Paperless Payroll
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Paperless Payroll

Increase Efficiency with a Paperless Payroll System

With paperless payroll software, you can save time and money by managing your payroll in a unified cloud solution. You’ll see the difference with paperless payroll in just one pay period.

Document Management
  • Use APS’ document management tool to store and manage essential payroll reports in the cloud, reducing manual processes.
  • Empower your employees to access their pay stub history at any time with our user-friendly self-service app.


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  • Our cloud-based payroll software allows you to process payroll no matter where you are, even in the event of a natural disaster.
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Eliminate Manual Payroll Processes and Reduce Costs

Paperless payroll software allows your company to automate business workflows for more efficient HR processes. You can eliminate costs associated with paper checks, save valuable time in your day, and offer your employees paperless pay options no matter where they work.

Automate your payroll process so you can focus on more strategic initiatives in your organization.

Save the Environment

Cloud-based HR and payroll software quickly pays your employees with direct deposit, reducing paper and printing costs.

Automate Your Tasks

Take back your workday by creating and assigning employee schedules to manage your workforce better in our unified system.

Online Time Tracking

Electronically track employee time, eliminating the need for paper timesheets and time cards.

Paperless Pay Options

Offer your non-banking employees the option to use a paycard that is secure and convenient.

Paperless Employee Payroll for Every Industry

Enjoy paperless payroll benefits no matter your industry. Your employees gain instant digital access to their pay history and tax forms. Our payroll software provides convenience, security, and cost reduction for all types of businesses.


Our cloud-based HR and payroll software allows churches to process accurate paychecks tax deductions for ordained ministers, daycare workers, weekend musicians, and more to ensure compliance.

Financial Services

Our HR paperless solutions use encrypted servers and are SOC 1 Type 2 compliant, so your financial services institution’s data is always secure.


Your healthcare facility can process payroll in a centralized database with paperless HR software, reducing errors and saving time to focus more on patient care.


Our paperless HR solutions provide your hospitality organization accessibility to payroll information no matter where you work.


Nonprofits can allocate employee hours to the appropriate funds and grants while eliminating manual, paper-based processes with paperless payroll software.


With our payroll services, your restaurant can benefit from the convenience of an online payroll process and eliminate payment delays.

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Employee Paycard Services

APS has partnered with FinTwist for a more convenient way to pay your employees electronically. Your workers can access Fintwist anytime by phone or web for complete control of their money. With the FinTwist paycard solution, employees can:
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Customized Pricing

Ready to make your payroll and HR easier? Let’s crunch the numbers.

FAQs About Paperless Employee Payroll Services

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions users have about paperless employee payroll software.

Yes, HR can go paperless. There is a long-held belief that HR departments must use paper for their tasks and processes. However, paperless HR software has evolved to eliminate manual and paper-based processes for many tasks that human resources personnel perform. Using HR paperless solutions, human resources managers can go paperless with:

  • Benefits Administration: Manage your benefit plans, conduct open enrollment, and even send paperwork to carriers. An all-in-one HR and payroll solution can automate these processes into a single, paperless workflow.
  • Performance Management: Conduct performance reviews and create a seamless process that eliminates paperwork and ensures employees are held accountable for career goals.
  • Scheduling: Manage your workforce’s schedule in one convenient location, ensuring you never under-schedule or over-schedule shifts.

Paperless payroll software allows employers to process payroll and manage all aspects of paying employees electronically. Paperless services also allow employees to access payroll-related information like pay stubs, W-2s, and time cards. Paperless software provides organizations with a more convenient and cost-effective solution to processing payroll.

Paperless payroll software also allows employers to eliminate costs associated with printing and distributing paper checks. Employees receive accurate and timely pay no matter where they work

Yes, your employees can receive paperless payroll. Paying your employees using electronic payroll services is a streamlined, secure method that can save you time and money. Paperless payroll is also beneficial for your employees as they have reliable and efficient access to their wages each pay period.

However, it is essential to make sure you abide by state laws and regulations, especially if you have employees in multiple states. Once you have set up paperless payroll per state guidelines, you can reduce costs associated with:

  • Lost checks
  • Postage and paper
  • Unclaimed wages
  • Stop payments

A paperless employee pay stub functions precisely as a paper-based pay stub. It provides a snapshot of an employee’s earnings for the pay period and the year. It is typically viewed on a mobile device and can be downloaded as a PDF. A digital pay stub includes the following information:

  • Gross wages before taxes and deductions
  • Net wages after taxes and other deductions
  • Taxes paid
  • Any other deductions like healthcare and retirement plans, if applicable


Paperless pay stubs are generated by an electronic payroll system and are accessible through a secure employee self-service portal.

A paperless payroll solution offers employers the ability to process payroll without the use of paper or manual workflows. Many digital payroll services also incorporate features like employee time tracking, error-checking algorithms, and configurable incomes and deductions to ensure accurate wages are paid to employees each pay period.

A paperless payroll solution provider may also offer tax compliance services, so payroll tax filing and payments are paid accurately and on time. This combination of features and services allows employers to maintain compliance and employee satisfaction. Paperless payroll solutions provide many benefits to businesses that automate processes and reduce operating costs.

Why APS is the Ultimate Paperless HR Solution

Companies choose APS for their paperless employee payroll software needs because of our customer support model, our configurable technology, and our platform’s unified design. Each customer is assigned a dedicated account team that is just a phone call, email, or support request away.

Since we develop our technology in-house, we extend advanced configuration capabilities to our customers to create a customized payroll experience. Our cloud-based HR and payroll software is an all-in-one solution, allowing users to automate their entire paperless payroll process.

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