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Oil & Gas HR Software

APS helps you manage multiple job sites, recruiting, and onboarding in one payroll and HR system designed for oil and gas.

Digging into the Workforce Management of Oil and Gas

We know the importance of flexibility when it comes to managing employee safety, time tracking, and General Ledger reporting. You need oil and gas HR software that streamlines manual, paper-based processes so you can focus on strategic growth.

HR Solutions for Oil and Gas

We understand the importance of managing time tracking, labor distribution reporting, and regulatory compliance. You need HR software and payroll services that streamline your paper-based processes so you can focus on providing quality services.

Paperless Payroll

Document Management

General Ledger Reporting

Asset Tracking


Employee Time Tracking

Multi-Site Management

Hiring Process

Helpful Features for Managing HR in the Oil and Gas Industries

  • Eliminate errors and duplicate data entry with paperless payroll for oil and gas companies.
  • Offer your employees paperless-pay options like direct deposit and paycards to reduce your paper and printing costs.
  • Process payroll no matter where you work, even in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Our SOC 1 Type 2 security protocols ensure your oil and gas company’s data is safe.


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Oil & Gas Key Services

Integrations for Oil and Gas Payroll Software

We offer integrations with popular General Ledger systems and time-tracking software for a better return on your investments.

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Pain Points for Human Resource Management in the Oil and Gas Industries

The biggest pain points that HR departments at oil and gas companies face are managing a multitude of job sites and lengthy recruitment processes. Here’s how we’ve helped drilling contractors, refineries, and other businesses solve these challenges with our software for managing human resources in the oil and gas industry.

Multitude of Job Sites

Oil and gas companies often have a multitude of job sites and office buildings. These job sites are often spread across different states, with thousands of employees at each location. This type of business structure can result in a complex payroll process and challenges in managing different employee types.

Our payroll management software for natural gas companies provides a single-system experience. Process payroll, manage time-off requests, and conduct benefits enrollment for your oil and gas company’s locations and job sites in one system. This approach saves you time and eliminates the need to use multiple systems to complete your tasks.

Our oil and gas workforce management software also streamlines the tracking of multiple job roles and rates of pay. Our employee database management software makes it easy to track and manage employee data, including pay rates, position changes, training courses, and more. This information drives other business workflows in the system, so you’re always working with accurate data. Your oil and gas company can automate time-consuming processes for more efficient workdays.

Lengthy Hiring Process

The oil and gas industry tends to have a very long hiring process. This longer timeline makes recruiting the most qualified employees more challenging and puts a strain on HR admins.

Using recruiting and onboarding software like APS Hire helps the oil and gas companies recruit candidates, track applicants, and hire qualified workers in a centralized location. You’ll save valuable time with a recruiting strategy that allows you to hone in on the most qualified candidates. Then, you can fast-track those applicants based on your oil and gas company’s needs and hire skilled employees for the right positions:

Utilizing HCM oil technology to manage your recruiting and applicant tracking processes will build a solid strategy to shorten your hiring process.

Support Services for Oil and Gas Companies

Everyone in your oil and gas company should have an enjoyable and personalized experience in payroll and HR. With a role-based configuration, each user can make the most out of their workday. When solutions are easy to use, your workforce uses them.

Your dedicated four-person team is available via email, phone, and support requests to answer your questions promptly. You’ll also have access to our Help Center’s articles and videos for learning at your own pace. Our customers also receive lifetime training at no additional cost.


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