With our automated benefits enrollment through carrier connections, you can submit paperwork to your providers electronically.

Automated Open Enrollment Processing

Manage your health benefits administration process from your dashboard to eliminate the potential for errors and time-consuming data entry.

Simple Workflows

Simple Workflows

APS electronically transmits all of your benefits paperwork directly to your providers for automated open enrollment processing.

Flexible Integration Options

Flexible Integration Options

Manage all of your benefits plans, including medical, dental, vision, FSA, and more.

Cost-Saving Communication

Cost-Saving Communication

No more duplicate data entry, paperwork errors, and charges for terminated or ineligible employees.

Humana, Carrier Network
Delta Dental, Carrier Network
Aetna, Carrier Network
Cigna, Carrier Network
VSP Vision Care, Carrier Network
MetLife, Carrier Network

Extensive Carrier Network

We support any type of benefit plan from multiple carriers to match your company’s offerings. These are just a few of the benefits carriers we work with and we’re always adding new connections.



improve employee service by eliminating paper forms and enrollment reports for carriers. Changes are communicated accurately and immediately to carriers. You can avoid missed enrollments and eliminate charges for terminated or ineligible employees.

Let Us Do the Work

Let Us Do the Work

Send benefits open enrollment updates for life events and newly eligible employees.

Fast and Reliable

Fast and Reliable

Your electronic connections will be ready in weeks with accurate, timely delivery of your benefits data to providers.

Intuitive Technology

Intuitive Technology

Carrier Connections doesn’t require complex technology or IT support, just an Internet connection to simplify your benefits enrollment processes.

Redeploy IT Efforts

Redeploy IT Efforts

With automated communication, your IT team can spend more time on more strategic tasks and less time on manual processes.



Your sensitive benefits data is always transmitted using security protocols, encryption, and authentication certificates.



We support all applicable standards and protocols, including the HIPAA 834 benefits enrollment and maintenance document.

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Our Carrier Connections automated benefits solutions help businesses in all types of industries. APS electronically sends enrollment and demographic data to carriers, eliminating behind-the-scenes manual work through automated connections. With hundreds of connections with carriers available, we can help you create a more streamlined benefits enrollment and administration process.

Manage employee open enrollment and maintain compliance for your financial services institution with our benefits enrollment software.

Your healthcare facility can eliminate time-consuming paper-based processes with our employee benefits enrollment software.

Streamline your hospitality organization’s benefits open enrollment with the automated transmission of enrollment and demographic data across locations.

Our connections with carriers can help your nonprofit organization simplify your process and decrease costs.

Put the focus back on your employees and missions by automating the benefits enrollment process for your religious organization.

With our online benefits enrollment platform, you can streamline your employee benefits process across locations and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.


Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions users have about Carrier Connections and an automated benefits enrollment platform. This FAQ includes everything from what Carrier Connections are and the benefits of automated benefit enrollment, to what health insurance carriers APS supports.

What are Carrier Connections?

Carrier Connections is an automated method for securely transmitting benefits enrollment data to carriers in an electronic format. This automation eliminates duplicate data entry and the need to prepare and send enrollment reports. Carrier Connections is an additional service that can be chosen for clients subscribed to our Benefits Administration solution. Carrier Connections supports 200+ insurance carriers, including health, dental, vision, life, disability, COBRA, and other types of plan providers.

Customers who choose to establish automated connections with their carriers need to provide the following information about each health insurance plan to APS:

  • Benefit provider’s name
  • Group number
  • Plan year start date
  • Open enrollment month
  • Number of employees enrolled with the carrier
  • Provider’s contact information
  • Plan type (e.g. medical, dental, visions, etc.)

Once the automated benefits enrollment connections are established, there are some vital things to understand about the functionality:

Reconciliation of Vendor Billings

While Carrier Connections sends new hire or open enrollment data to carriers, users still need to reconcile all invoices. This reconciliation ensures not only that the information entered is correct, but that the information uploaded and processed by the carrier is correct.

Enrolling New Employees

When enrolling employees in benefits in APS, employers will need to select the correct enrollment date. The date selected determines the effective date with the carrier, and therefore the billing date. As long as the correct billing month is selected when enrolling employees, the carrier should enroll and bill correctly.

Correcting Employee Errors

If an employee elects the wrong plan, employers can manually make the change in APS. The data will then electronically transmit to the carrier for updating.


Terminated employees and benefits will transmit to the carrier once processed in APS.

What are the Automated Benefit Enrollment Benefits?

There are many benefits to automated benefit enrollment for employers:

  • Reduce the chance of errors by using electronic transmission of enrollment and demographic information.
  • View benefits administration dashboard analytics for real-time data on enrollment information.
  • Reduce the costs associated with terminated or ineligible employees.
  • Improve employee self service and satisfaction with a streamlined online benefits enrollment process.
  • Avoid missed benefits enrollments with accurate and timely communication to carriers.
  • Decrease the workload of human resource administrators so they can focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Pull reports on crucial metrics such as employee turnover and benefits plan participation.
  • Secure transmission of benefits enrollment information to protect sensitive and confidential data.

Employees also gain advantages from automated benefit enrollment:

  • 24/7 access to benefits enrollment data using our employee self-service mobile app.
  • Simplified online benefits enrollment process with step-by-step instructions that answer common questions employees may have.
  • Automated notifications of benefits open enrollment status updates and action items.
  • Access to company benefits enrollment documents and resources in an employee self-service portal.
  • Electronic signature of benefits enrollment information for security and convenience.

With employee benefits enrollment software, you can reduce processing errors, reduce the costs associated with tracking and managing benefits, and facilitates a better employee experience.

Which Health Insurance Carriers Does APS Support?

APS supports automated benefits enrollment connections with 200+ national and regional health insurance carriers to meet our clients’ needs. We are continually expanded our carrier connections list. For a detailed list of the carriers, click here.

Why Partner With APS for Benefits Enrollment?

Companies choose to partner with APS for benefits enrollment because our solutions streamline their processes. Carrier Connections simplifies plan updates, online enrollment, and paperwork submissions to providers in a unified platform. With our solution, you can eliminate manual, paper-based processes, ensure you’re only providing benefits to eligible employees, and maintain Affordable Care Act compliance.

Access a variety of point-in-time reports in our Report Manager, including Benefits Comparison, Benefit Enrollment Details, and Monthly Benefit Reconciliation. With better visibility into your benefits administration process, you can proactively make more informed decisions.

Furthermore, Carrier Connections integrates with other aspects of your workforce management, such as payroll, employee records, and compliance with applicable standards and protocols. With APS as your partner for benefits enrollment, you can optimize your workflows and save valuable time.

Benefits Enrollment


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