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APS Earns Best Payroll Software Award of 2021 on Capterra

Best Payroll Software Award Capterra

APS has been recognized as a top payroll provider on Capterra. Learn more about how this award can help you today!

APS is pleased to announce we earned a Capterra Shortlist: Top 20 Payroll Software award for 2021. We outranked other payroll providers based on functionality and our total number of user reviews. Achievements like Capterra Top 20 Payroll Software show APS’ dedication to providing payroll software and services that optimize the user experience.

You may be wondering what Capterra Top 20 Payroll Software award is and why it matters to your business. In this article, we’ll discuss this award and how Capterra chose APS for this accolade. We’ll also explain how achievements like Capterra Top 20 Payroll Software can help you select a payroll and HR provider that will work with you for years to come.

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What Is The Capterra Shortlist Top 20 Payroll Software Award?

Capterra’s Shortlist Top 20 awards help prospective buyers learn which products are most user-friendly and recognizable across Capterra’s payroll category. Capterra plots its top payroll award winners on a graph so potential buyers can see how payroll vendors compare against each other.

APS earned a spot on Capterra’s Best Payroll Software Shortlist and the graph’s Emerging Favorites quadrant. According to Capterra, Emerging Favorites are products that rate incredibly high in user

Capterra Best Payroll Software Shortlist 2021

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How is the Capterra Top 20 Payroll Software Award Chosen?

A vendor earns the Capterra Top 20 Payroll Software award when it scores high on the Capterra Shortlist report. This report comprises proprietary research that identifies top software vendors based on their recent user ratings and popularity.

Eligibility Criteria

A payroll vendor must meet a specific set of criteria to be eligible for the Best Payroll Software Shortlist. However, before a payroll provider can score high in its category, it has to meet the following set of parameters across all software on Capterra:

  • The vendor has to have at least 20 unique product reviews published on Capterra within 24 months of starting the research process for a given report. Two years of reviews provide a recent and large enough sample that Capterra determines valuable to buyers.
  • The criteria are also set low enough to ensure emerging vendors receive representation.
  • The product shows evidence of offering required functionality as demonstrated by publicly available sources, such as the vendor’s website.
  • The product serves North American users, as demonstrated by product reviews submitted from that region.
  • The product is relevant to software buyers across industries or sectors, which means the vendor does not exclusively cater to one specific type of user as determined by Capterra’ss analysis of user reviews and market research.
  • The product achieves a minimum normalized overall user-review rating after the application of the Capterra
  • Shortlist method for normalizing and weighting review recency (see Capterra Shortlist Scoring Methodology below)
  • The product achieves a minimum popularity score (see Capterra Shortlist Scoring Methodology below)

Scoring Methodology

Capterra uses exclusive data and trusted reviews from verified software users to build their Shortlists, so buyers can confidently build theirs. Once a software provider meets the criteria necessary to be eligible for its category, the provider is scored to become a Capterra Shortlist vendor. Here is a breakdown of how Capterra chooses Shortlist vendors across two dimensions: user ratings and popularity.

Star Filled

User Ratings

Overall user ratings are for products based on reviews written in the last 24 months—users rate products on a scale of 1 star (lowest) to 5 stars (highest).

Performance Reviews


Overall user ratings are for products based on reviews written in the last 24 months—users rate products on a scale of 1 star (lowest) to 5 stars (highest).

In addition to user ratings and popularity, Capterra also considers factors like the volume of people searching online for payroll vendors in its decision.

Once Capterra considers a vendor’s criteria eligibility, user ratings, popularity, and search volume, the software review platform uses that information to rate each vendor’s product. Ratings and scores are weighted to become a value between 1-50. The highest numerical earners become Capterra Shortlist award winners.

What Capterra Says About APS’ Score



APS was featured in the 2021 Capterra Shortlist for Payroll Software, a report highlighting the highest-rated and most popular payroll products. APS placed as an “Emerging Favorite,” which is indicative of a product with the highest user ratings (APS’ ratings earned it a score of 48 out of 50), but maybe less well known than some products in the category. APS’ 500+ user reviews on Capterra and its high overall ratings from users helped it earn its placement.

Melissa McCormack

Research Director at Gartner Digital Markets

To learn more about the Capterra Shortlist methodology, click here.

How Capterra Awards Can Help You Choose A Payroll Software Provider

Awards like Capterra’s Top 20 Payroll Software give software buyers a chance to learn about a vendor in new ways. Since Capterra bases its awards on existing users’ feedback, prospective customers can learn about specific product offerings, user satisfaction levels, and other detailed information when viewing these Shortlists. This process enables you to tailor your buyer journey to focus on software vendors that meet your needs.

Existing user feedback also helps you visualize what it’s like to work with a payroll vendor. Eliminate buyer’s remorse from your list of software frustrations, and focus on working with a vendor that can help your organization for years to come.

How APS Prioritizes the Customer Experience

APS has a mission to make payroll and HR easier for the customers it serves. Since 2017, we have consistently earned Capterra awards for our payroll and HR products. We’ve also earned other Gartner awards for features like ease-of-use, functionality, popularity, and customer satisfaction. When you choose APS, you select a payroll partner focused on your growth and success. Here’s how we commit ourselves to you:

  • Lifetime Training: Receive lifetime training from our team of experts to help you master the APS system at no additional cost to you.
  • Dedicated Support: Leverage the power of a four-person dedicated support team. Your support team is just a phone call, email, or support request away to answer any questions you may have.
  • Commitment to Success: Partner with a success coordinator who understands your business, challenges, and goals for a quicker return on your investment.

With APS, you’ll gain a workforce partner committed to your organization. To learn more about what APS can do for you, schedule a personalized demo today!

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