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Why Customer Support Awards Matter

Why You Should Care About Customer Support Awards

In this article, we discuss why customer support awards matter and how to use them as a valuable tool to make better business decisions.

Why Customer Support Awards Matter

In G2’s Spring 2020 reports, APS was recognized as a leader in payroll and HR software. Among the 42 total awards that APS earned, you’ll find achievements for Best Support, Best Relationship, and Easiest to Do Business With. However, why is this important and why should it matter to you?

As discussed in our article, Why You Should Care About Customer Reviews, technology research platforms, like G2, award vendors for the user experience they provide based on authentic client feedback. In this article, we are going to explain why customer support awards matter, as well as how they can be a powerful decision-making tool for businesses.

Customer Experience is Important

According to Gartner, 64% of people find customer experience more important than price. For potential buyers, validated customer experience awards can be a dependable resource for verifying a software vendor’s credibility, reputation, and overall client experience. What better way to understand what it’s like to work with a payroll and HR vendor than to hear an actual customer’s experience?

How Do I Know if a Customer Review is Authentic?

Top peer review sites have protocols in place to ensure only genuine software users are providing their feedback. For example, the reviewer may be asked to submit a screenshot of their software instance for verification.

If certain guidelines are not met, the review may be rejected. These types of procedures protect a software vendor’s reputation from bogus reviews and the technology review platform’s credibility.

The honest feedback used to determine which providers earn achievements for their support model brings transparency and efficiency to your buying process. This valuable information allows you to make more informed decisions. Now that you understand why you should care about client experience awards, let’s talk about what these achievements actually tell you about a payroll and HR provider.

G2 Best Support Small Business Spring 2020

Best Support

This achievement is earned by top-performing software companies that offer the highest levels of customer support. This award takes into consideration customer satisfaction, combined with the quality of the service the customer received.

Payroll and HR software vendors that earn this award consistently rate in the 90th percentile for providing the highest quality of support, compared to an 80th percentile industry average.

G2 Best Relationship Mid-Market Spring 2020

Best Relationship

To earn Best Relationship, a software provider must receive at least 150 verified customer reviews that mention both business helpfulness, and quality support.

This achievement is an excellent representation of a customer-centric support model, and it provides three different pieces of information about the provider:

  1. They have a loyal customer base willing to speak about their experiences.
  2. They are helpful and easily accessible to their clients.
  3. They value quality over quantity and make customer retention a top priority.
G2 Easiest to do Business With Small Business Spring 2020

Easiest to Do Business With

This award is earned by payroll and HR providers that are considered easy to work with and helpful. A vendor ranked for helpfulness has a proven track record of consistency. It’s important that you can consistently reach a support representative who can offer guidance when you need help.

How To Use Customer Experience Awards To Make Better Decisions

Answer Your Questions

What is your current company’s workforce landscape? What struggles are your business facing, and how can a workforce management solution help solve them? When you can leverage customer support awards to answer these questions, you can better navigate towards a provider that offers significant results.


Analyze and Understand

When you’re researching a support award, read the factors that contribute to that specific achievement. What did it take for a provider to earn that specific level of recognition, and how easy is it to achieve? Can you reach out to the peers who provided feedback to gain further insight? This type of information is pivotal in choosing a payroll and HR provider that will provide a great customer experience.


Make The Decision

Client experience awards offer unique insights that can contribute to your purchasing decision, as well as future user experience. Choosing a payroll and HR provider is overwhelming enough. Utilize research tools like peer-review awards to help you get to know the company behind the software and ensure a successful partnership.


At the end of the buying process, you want to know you have partnered with a company that provides the support you need to get your full return on investment. Support should not only be there to help when questions arise but to also support your success goals. They are your direct line to your payroll and HR provider. A vendor with a proven track record for customer experience will be a strategic partner when it comes to the growth of your business.

About APS

APS has a mission: to make payroll and HR easier. We provide our clients and partners with intuitive technology delivered with personalized service and support. Businesses choose APS as their workforce partner because of our focus on the customer experience. As a result, we continually maintain 98% customer retention and satisfaction rates. APS has also been recognized by G2 for top-rated customer support since 2014.

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