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Why You Should Care About Customer Reviews

Why You Should Care About Customer Reviews

In this article, we discuss customer reviews and how to use that information as a valuable tool to make better decisions for your business.

Why You Should Care About Customer Reviews

Let’s imagine that you’re in a new city and you have a sushi craving but you aren’t sure what restaurants are nearby. You pull out your phone and Google, “best sushi restaurants near me.” Within seconds, you are reading customer reviews for nearby sushi restaurants and you ultimately decide at which one you want to eat based on reviews that were provided by other people.

If you take the time to research the best place to eat for dinner, then it also makes sense to read reviews about payroll and HR software that could ultimately help solve your company’s biggest challenges. It’s because of this mindset that there has been an increase in review platforms, where potential buyers can find unbiased reviews for the exact solutions and services they are evaluating.

Access to readily-available information about a customer’s experience with a product or service can make it easier to assess problems, and create solutions for your business. Let’s dive into further detail about customer reviews, the importance of genuine feedback, and how to use that information as a valuable tool.

People Trust People, Not Companies

Choosing a solution or service, like a payroll and HR provider, is an important decision. You want to make the best choice for your company’s needs and ensure every dollar invested is spent wisely; but, going through the process of vetting solutions can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

In today’s digital world, we all want first-hand knowledge of user experiences. We want to know what it’s like to use a product or service before we take a chance on it. After all, a business is only as good as its user experience. That’s why customer reviews are a way to cut through the noise of research and get the honest input you need to make an educated decision

People trust people, not companies; and, a customer review is like receiving a personal recommendation from a peer. Through customer reviews, potential buyers can gain transparency into how a software vendor fulfills its clients’ needs without talking to the company directly. According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, 77% of consumers agreed that good reviews were one of the most important factors taken into consideration when buying a new solution.

Which Review Sites Are the Best?

With so many review sites to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are the most reputable. To make the process easier, we’ve provided a few of the best places to research customer reviews of software vendors:



Chances are, you’ve already considered a vendor or made a purchase based on the information you’ve found in a Google search. This is because Google’s customer reviews show up in search results and it’s easy for customers to leave reviews on a company’s Google listing.

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With over 1 million reviews published on their website and more than 3 million visitors per day, G2 has become one of the leading websites that offer software reviews and ratings. The reviews G2 collects from trusted consumers, help businesses make better buying decisions and reach their full potential.

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Capterra is a leading review site for SaaS businesses that evaluates software sold by B2C and B2B companies. With over 1 million reviews and 700+ categories, Capterra makes it easy to search and compare software for your specific needs.

Look to the Stars…and Beyond

Now that we’ve discussed the power of peer feedback, and which review sites you should consider, let’s talk about how to leverage the different types of reviews out there.

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Star Ratings

Star ratings can be found on company websites, and in the search results. They can tell you a lot about how a company treats its customers; however, be sure to also pay attention to how many reviews a company has received. If you come across a 5-star rating, but the company has few reviews or doesn’t have negative reviews, this could be a red flag.

Read what customers have said about their experiences, and look at whether the company itself has responded to those reviews. Keep in mind, many people don’t leave 5-star reviews because they believe there’s always room for improvement.


While star-ratings are a quick way to generalize top vendors across the board, it’s important to look beyond the stars. Check to see if other customer satisfaction achievements and recognitions have been earned by an organization.

Some review sites, like G2 and Capterra, award badges quarterly or annually to companies with high customer satisfaction ratings. Look for companies that consistently earn badges for features like: quality of support, customer relationships, and user adoption. This type of track record demonstrates an organization’s commitment to the client experience and its ability to provide superior products or services.

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Report Mentions

Many review sites publish research reports that are founded on customer insights, providing an overview and comparison of company performances. These are great sources of information, as you can see how vendors stack up against one another in an easy-to-digest format.

G2 publishes quarterly reports for a variety of business categories and research topics that help people make more informed decisions about software purchases. All these reports use unbiased feedback and first-hand experiences from actual software users. This type of data is indicative of how software providers conduct business with their customers.

Trusting Reviews


Verified Reviewers

When reading reviews, it’s important to understand how a platform collects responses and who the reviewers are. With so many review platforms out there, you want to make sure you’re reading genuine remarks from legitimate customers.

Top review sites have protocols in place to ensure reviewers are authentic users of the software or service. For example, G2 requires its reviewers to submit a screenshot of their software instance for verification. If a review site’s guidelines are not met, G2 will reject a review. This helps protect a company’s reputation from spam reviews, as well as the review site’s credibility.

Review Responses

As you’re reading customer reviews, there should also be company responses. A business that consistently responds to its reviewers, demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction. Review responses also show customers that what they say matters, and they are not being ignored.

Pay special attention to how a business responds to harsher reviews. Negative reviews actually provide a unique opportunity for both businesses and customers. A customer may voice a concern in a public forum and an organization may use that review to build a stronger relationship with their clients.

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Recent Reviews

It’s also important to look at the dates when reviews were left. Were they left within the past six months, or six years? Research shows consumers care more about recent reviews and are more likely to do business with a company that has fresh customer responses. Look for companies that receive a constant flow of honest reviews instead of a business that has glowing reviews from a couple of years ago.

Make Better Decisions

Whether it’s sushi for dinner or software for your company, ultimately, reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to make an informed purchase decision.e, With so many people conducting thorough research and poring over reviews before making a purchase, it’s important to invest your time on credible sources that will be the most helpful with unbiased decision-making.

Focus on trusted sites that will provide genuine evaluations, like Google, G2, or Capterra. Consider various types of reviews, including star ratings, achievements, and report mentions, so you can get a clearer picture of a company’s track record with its customers. Don’t forget to pay attention to whether or not an organization responds to its reviews, especially negative ones. It’s good to see a healthy mix of current reviews and company responses to constructive feedback.

When you consider customer reviews in your research for solutions like payroll and HR software, you’re making an investment in sounder decision-making that will impact your company’s bottom line.

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