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Equifax Workforce Solutions


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Equifax Workforce Solutions

Our clients and their workforces are at the center of everything we do. We are as driven as you to help support employees and their experiences while reducing the HR burden across the employment lifecycle. We help APS clients identify and better optimize their total recovered tax credits.

Did you know that, on average, 20% of employees are eligible for WOTC generating $2,400 in tax credit per employee?1

We also provide a no-cost screening to see if your company might qualify for Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERC), which can be up to $26,000 per employee.2

Services Provided

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

– Employee Retention Credits

Also, see our Marketplace listing for:

– The Work Number®, automated Income and Employment Verification
– Unemployment Cost Management

1. Equifax Client Data

How it Works

APS supports a manual export and an automated integration to help clients collect and send the data needed to calculate tax credits to Equifax.


The export is used to collect the retroactive data, and it is automatically sent to Equifax. The export is needed for every client with historical data, and it’s the only file type needed for the ERC credit. The ‘other wages’ column in the export would be any wages paid that do not fall into one of these categories:

– Regular
– Overtime
– Sick
– PTO/Vacation
– COVID-Specific Unworked Wages


The integration is needed for all tax credits, except for the Employee Retention Credit, which requires the export. Once the integration is enabled, data from finalized batches are sent to Equifax. Equifax helps calculate tax credits, which are listed above. Once the calculation is completed, Equifax sends the client a CSV containing any identified potential tax credits to the client. The IRS will pay the tax credits directly to the client.

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