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Mid-Year Payroll Conversions

Changing payroll providers doesn’t have to be a headache and APS will be there to help you every step of the way.
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Best Times to Change Payroll Providers

You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year to switch providers. While mid-year is a great time to make a change, anytime is the right time to convert to a new and better payroll provider. No matter what time of year works best for you, APS will handle your year-end processing and tax filings for a smooth payroll conversion.
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Q1 - January to March


Q2 - April to June


Q3 - July to September


Q4 - October to December


Why Our Mid-Year Conversions are Different

We use an electronic payroll conversion process that eliminates manual data entry and ensures an accurate, successful implementation.

A Proven Conversion Process

Our experienced payroll tax compliance experts employ a two-part payroll assessment that checks your payroll history for potential data errors and corrects them. Our payroll assessment includes:

Tax Catch Up

History Verification

Proactive Payroll

Our experienced payroll tax compliance experts employ a two-part payroll assessment that checks your payroll history for potential data errors and corrects them. Our payroll assessment includes:

What’s Included:

Don’t worry, we’ll do the heavy lifting to make your mid-year payroll conversion a smooth process.

*Includes one state, federal filing, new hire reporting, and unemployment payments and filings.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Our checklist offers tips, questions to ask, and factors to consider when changing payroll providers mid-year.
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HR Made Easier

APS understands the challenges organizations of all sizes face, which is why we develop a full suite of workforce cloud solutions addressing all aspects of employee lifecycle management. By designing a unified platform that make payroll and HR easier, we support our clients in their growth and success.

We Make it Easy to:

Guaranteed Tax Compliance

Our experienced payroll tax compliance staff operates on your behalf as the reporting agent. We use a defined process for the daily management of tax funds to ensure your payroll tax filings and payments are handled accurately. We help organizations process payroll and manage tax compliance in 411 jurisdictions, in all 50 states.

Streamlined Tax Compliance

  • Guaranteed accuracy and timeliness of payroll tax payments and filings.**

  • Wage garnishment services to reduce the risk of penalties.

  • Secure access to quarterly payroll tax packets, annual returns, and W-2s.

We’re Here to Help

  • Federal, state, and local tax filings and payments.

  • 940 Federal Unemployment and 941 Quarterly filings.

  • Year-end processing, including W-2s and 1099s.

Reduced Burden and Risk

  • Automatic system and tax table updates in the cloud.

  • Review of incomes and deductions to identify any payroll history issues.

  • Paycheck reconciliation available to further reduce time spent on payroll.

**APS guarantees tax payments and filings to be accurate and timely, as long as the data provided to APS is accurate and timely and the customer’s account is sufficiently funded to cover all payroll tax liabilities. If a tax penalty is the result of our error, we’ll maintain the abatement process and absorb any fines or interest due.

Top-Rated Support

Your dedicated support team is available to help with day-to-day inquiries, answer system questions, and resolve application issues. We want to give you every opportunity to grow because your success is our success.

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Why Our Mid-Year Conversions are Better

APS knows technology only helps when your team feels confident and supported when using it. Our team embodies our values of top-quality service you can trust, which is what truly makes APS stand out from the competition.

Security Protocols

Our advanced multi-level security has never been breached, and we utilize two-factor authentication for client logins.

Efficient Implementation

Our typical implementation takes 6-8 weeks so you can start realizing the benefits of your investment.

Tax Compliance Team

APS is your reporting agent, handling tax filings and payments on your behalf for mitigated risk.

Top-Rated Support

We surround our clients with a team of certified account managers and dedicated specialists.

Competitive Pricing

Using a best-in-class solution for payroll, HR, and attendance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are no hidden fees or surprises. Our platform is designed to help you realize your return on investment, with an average 10.82-month ROI versus an industry standard of 18.92 months. You can’t put a price tag on the value our solutions and services provide.
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Any Questions?

Still wondering if a mid-year payroll conversion is right for you? Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions about changing payroll providers.
Yes, you can! APS can convert your payroll any time of the year and we’ll even handle your year-end processing.
We’ll enter all history for the current year and reconcile your 941 returns. Your employees will be able to access their W-2s using our self-service portal.
Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Our implementation team will help you with migrating your payroll data into the APS system and run tax catch ups, history verification, and parallel payrolls to validate data accuracy.
Absolutely! While our system is super easy to use and has a high adoption rate, we still provide every client with a custom training plan using their own data in the APS system.
We can handle anything you throw at us, including multiple pay rates, varied pay frequencies, and even garnishment processing. We always love a chance to flex our payroll muscles!

What Our Customers Are Saying

A Great Timesaver
As the payroll administrator, APS has cut my time for processing payroll from 2 days to 2 hours. Reports are available within minutes of submitting the payroll batch. APS has been a great timesaver for our company!
Deborah Raney
The Hospice of East Texas

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