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Minimum Wage Rates

APS is your source for up-to-date minimum wage rates by state. 

Minimum Wage Rates Explained

The minimum wage is the lowest rate that employers are required to pay their non-exempt employee. There are exceptions, however, if the employee meets certain, state-specific qualifications such as those for tipped employees.

Employers are required to comply with wage and hour laws that regulate minimum wage. In some cases, the state and federal minimum wage will differ, and whichever is higher, must be paid.

It is important to stay up-to-date on any minimum wage changes that occur in your state and ensure you are properly paying your non-exempt employees. We have provided a list of announced minimum wage rates for each state and federal contractors to date. The list also includes scheduled increases for future years.

Please Note: Some cities, counties, state governments, and companies have higher minimum wage rates than the state minimum. Make sure you check with your state department of labor for rates in locations where you conduct business.

How APS can help

The APS report manager makes it easy to determine if any employees are below the minimum wage rate so you are always complaint.

2020 Minimum wage Rates States A-L
2020 Minimum wage Rates States M-N
2020 Minimum wage Rates States O-W

Updated: 11/25/19

Alabama: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
Alaska: $10.19
Arizona: $12.00
($9.00 for tipped employees)
Arkansas: $10.00
(Set to increase to $10 on 1/1/2020 and $11 on 1/1/2021; $2.63 for tipped employees)
California: $13.00
($12 for small employers and $13 for large employers; set to increase $1 every year until $15,00 in 2023; Anaheim’s rate is set for $12 starting 1/1/2019, after which it will rise by $1 a year until 2020; certain hospitality workers in Anaheim will have an hourly rate of $15 starting 1/1/2019)
Colorado: $12.00
($8.98 for tipped employees)
Connecticut: $11.00
Delaware: $9.25
District of Columbia: $15.00
Florida: $8.56
($5.54 for tipped employees)
Georgia: $5.15
(If covered by Fair Labor Standards - $7.25)
Hawaii: $10.10
Idaho: $7.25
Illinois: $9.25
($5.54 for tipped employees)
Indiana: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
Iowa: $7.25
Kansas: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
Kentucky: $7.25
Louisiana: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)

Maine: $12.00
($6.00 for tipped employees)
Maryland: $11.00
Massachusetts: $12.75
($4.95 for tipped employees)
Michigan: $9.65
($3.67 for tipped employees; the hourly minimum wage is to rise in 2021 to $9.87; in 2022 to $10.10; in 2023 to $10.33; in 2024 to $10.56; in 2025 to $10.80; in 2026 to $11.04; in 2027 to $11.29; in 2028 to $11.54; in 2029 to $11.79; and in 2030 to $12.05)
Minnesota: $10.00
($8.15 for small businesses)
Mississippi: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
Missouri: $9.45
($4.73 for tipped employees)
Montana: $8.65
(No separate minimum cash wage for tipped employees)

Nebraska: $9.00
($6.00 for tipped employees)
Nevada: $9.00
($7.25 for employers who provide qualifying health benefits)
New Hampshire: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
New Jersey: $11.00
($10.30 for seasonal and small employers, fewer than six workers; $10.30 for agricultual employers; $3.13 for tipped employees)
New Mexico: $9.00
($2.35 for tipped employees)
New York: $11.80
($15.00 for New York City; $13.00 for Long Island and Westchester counties)
North Carolina: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
North Dakota: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)

Ohio: $8.70
(Employers who gross under $319,000 shall pay their employees no less than the current federal minimum wage rate; $4.35 for tipped employees)
Oklahoma: $7.25
Oregon: $11.25
($11.00 for non-urban counties; $12.50 for Portland Metro region)
Pennsylvania: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
Rhode Island: $10.50
South Carolina: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
South Dakota: $9.30
(Employees under 18 may be paid no less $7.50 per hour; $4.65 for tipped employees)
Tennessee: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
Texas: $7.25
Utah: $7.25

(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
Vermont: $10.96
($5.48 for tipped employees)
Virginia: $7.25
Washington: $13.50
West Virginia: $8.75
Wisconsin: $7.25
(Federal Minimum Wage, no state minimum)
Wyoming: $7.25
Federal Contractors: $10.80

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