Hillside Christian Church

APS empowered Hillside Christian Church to grow its ministry and reap all the benefits of a cloud-based payroll platform.

Hillside Christian Church

Hillside Christian Church is a non-denominational church communicating God’s Word in a creative and compelling way throughout the Texas Panhandle.


  • Managing multiple locations.
  • Inefficient and inflexible systems.
  • Varied employee types.
  • Visibility into key data and metrics across locations.
  • Compliance with special taxation issues.


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continued church growth


Having advanced systems in place like the APS Payroll Solution to facilitate multiple location administration is critical to successfully managing continued church growth. It’s also a factor in attracting talented leaders because they often look for a church with management and technology tools in place which demonstrates a commitment to team excellence.

Bob Schroeder

West Campus Pastor & Executive Pastor Central Services



Hillside Christian Church’s growth led Schroeder to the decision to explore moving to a cloud-based payroll solution with the following criteria:

  • Intuitive reporting.
  • Cloud-based payroll system with online access.
  • Capacity to grow with the church.
  • Opportunity to move to a paperless payroll system.
  • Payroll system provider with previous church experience.


A payroll partner with previous church experience.

A payroll partner with previous church experience

 An efficient cloud-based platform.

An efficient cloud-based platform

Elimination of manual, paper-based processes.

Elimination of manual, paper-based processes

 Intuitive reporting for cross-campus transparency.

Intuitive reporting for cross-campus transparency

A solution that scales as growth occurs.

A solution that scales as growth occurs

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