10 Easy Ways To Motivate Your Employees

10 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Employees

All businesses want to grow and succeed. But without fostering the growth and happiness of your greatest asset - your people - you are setting your business up to stagnate. By motivating your employees, you are nurturing their drive to succeed, which feeds back into your business. Here are ten easy ways to motivate your employees:

1. Regularly Praise Their Accomplishments

Everyone loves to be told they have done a great job. If your employees never hear that from you or their immediate supervisor, what motivation do they have to give it their all? Providing regular praise and performance feedback improves employee morale.

2. Give Them Purpose in Their Position

Employees want to know that what they contribute to the company as a whole serves a purpose. If they don’t feel like they have an impact on the success of the business, they are less likely to be productive. Be clear with each employee what their purpose is so they have a goal to work towards.

3. Enforce a Work Life-Personal Life Balance

Lots of employees suffer from workaholism and would rather power through lunch breaks and not take well-deserved vacation time. Make sure they do. No matter how much they may insist otherwise, enforce lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, and taking personal time out of the office. Burned out employees are not productive.

4. Show Your Employees You Trust Them

Employees need to feel a sense of trust with their managers. This gives them the confidence to be productive and excited about the work they are doing. If they feel like their work will be questioned left and right, that’s a major demotivator.

5. Pay Employees What They’re Worth

Sometimes, there is nothing more demotivating than being underpaid for overworking. Employees need to know they are valued within the company by receiving raises and bonuses based on their performances. If they produce like a rock star, they should be recognized and compensated accordingly. This will reinforce their positive work behavior and they’ll continue to perform at or beyond your expectations.

6. Communication, Communication, Communication

If your employees don’t receive direction on what is expected of them, how can you expect them to be productive and perform well? Communication is really the cornerstone of any manager-employee relationship. If there isn’t communication on both sides, there may be loss of productivity, a lack of understanding in regards to what duties should be performed, and employees can start to feel as if they don’t have a clear purpose. We can’t stress it enough…communicate!

7. Eliminate Systems That Aren’t Working

Part of a company dynamic is trying new systems and processes to see if overall performance can be improved upon. Sometimes these experiments are huge wins, and sometimes they fail. Knowing when to cut your losses is important. Albert Einstein once said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This approach can definitely take the wind out of anyone’s sails, so if it’s not working, try something new. Even better, ask your employees why they think a certain process failed and what they would do differently.

8. Encourage Continued Education

Employees need to feel as though they have room to grow within the company. This reinforces their sense of purpose and that they are a valued member of the team. By encouraging them to continue learning within their role so they can perform at their best, you are helping them develop their career skills and helping your company grow.

9. Enforce Your Workplace Culture

Workplace culture and core values may seem like something insignificant, but when employees don’t conduct themselves in a manner that upholds these principles, this can lead to a rotten work environment. Periodically do a workplace culture health check and ensure your employees are promoting a positive environment and taking company core values to heart. A great workplace culture doesn’t happen on its own.


10. Learn What De-Motivates Your Employees

Just as it’s important to know what motivates your employees, it’s equally as important to understand what de-motivates them. Offering the same incentives to all of your employees may not be the best way to motivate them. It’s better to find out what works with each employee and tailor your efforts.

How APS Can Help

APS’s unified workforce management platform makes it easy to manage your employee lifecycles from hire to retire. With features like event tracking for anniversaries and birthdays and performance reviews, you can motivate your employees in no time.

For more information, please visit www.apspayroll.com or call 855-945-7921.

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