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APS’ Benefits Administration Updates Improve User Experience

We’re excited to announce the latest enhancements to Benefits Administration based on feedback from our Sales and Benefits Admin teams and our valued customers.

Open enrollment season is critical for HR professionals and employees. Managing benefits can be complex and time-consuming, but we’re committed to simplifying this process at APS. We’ve listened to feedback and suggestions from our Sales and Benefits Admin teams and our valued customers to make the latest enhancements to our Benefits Administration feature.

These updates are designed to streamline HR workflows, increase employee visibility, and simplify the open enrollment period experience. Let’s look at the latest Benefits Administration enhancements shaping a more efficient and user-friendly experience for our customers.

Increasing Autonomy: Editing Benefit Termination Dates

Users can now edit the coverage termination date directly in APS OnLine, providing a swift and uncomplicated way to manage changes. This flexibility ensures that HR professionals can adapt to shifting circumstances promptly, eliminating unnecessary delays and reducing administrative burdens.

Improving Functionality: Age Band Option During Enrollment

This feature allows age bands to be applied during enrollment, ensuring employees are placed in the appropriate category based on their current age. By proactively considering age changes during enrollment, HR professionals can optimize benefits allocation, eliminating post-effective date adjustments and simplifying the process for administrators and employees.

Age Band Option in APS OnLine

Streamlining Enrollment: Company-Covered Plans

Employees can now enroll in dollar deduction plans even when employers wholly cover these plans. This enhancement streamlines open enrollment for employees and employers, allowing seamless enrollment in company-covered plans and simplifying the benefits election process.

Option to Allow for $0.00 Enrollment in APS OnLine

Enhancing Efficiency: Mass Terminations

This new feature enables mass termination of enrollments in specific benefit plans, streamlining the process for HR professionals. This update significantly reduces time spent on administrative tasks, especially for plans with large numbers of enrollments, ensuring a more efficient workflow for HR administrators.

Terminate All Enrollments Option in APS OnLine

Need Help with Year-End Processing?

Our handy Year-End Payroll and HR Checklist is just the resource you need for a smooth and less stressful process.

Optimizing the User Experience

We have made significant enhancements to the user experience by providing additional space for enrollment instructions, offering greater transparency into employer contributions for retirement plans, and optimizing the enrollment process for faster completion. These improvements result in a more user-friendly and efficient enrollment process overall.

Additional updates to our Benefits Administration offering include more visibility into plan details, updates to Quick Enrollment, a more intuitive workflow, and increased speed of enrollment in employee self service.

We are continuing to enhance the user experience during the open enrollment process. We use customer feedback to determine what needs to be updated or added from year to year. Since open enrollment for employee benefits can be very time-consuming, we aim to make this time as stress-free as possible.

Enhancing the Open Enrollment Experience for Employers and Employees

At APS, we understand the complexities of benefits administration and open enrollment. This process can be challenging and time-consuming, and we want to provide an intuitive platform that simplifies benefits administration for smaller HR departments. Our ongoing mission is to make payroll and HR easier for our clients. By enhancing our HCM solution, we empower HR professionals and employees alike.

These enhancements reflect our dedication to making payroll and HR processes easier, fostering a stress-free, efficient, and user-friendly experience. As we continue to listen to your feedback, our commitment remains strong: to provide an intuitive platform that simplifies these tasks, even for smaller HR departments. With APS, managing benefits becomes a seamless and empowering experience, ensuring that crucial tasks are completed accurately, on time, and with ease.

If you’re interested in learning more about these benefits administration updates, please visit the APS Help Center, reach out to your customer support team, or contact us.

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