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APS Earns 2020 Tech Cares Award

APS Earns Tech Cares Award from TrustRadius

TrustRadius has named APS a 2020 Tech Cares Award recipient. Learn more about how this helps customers and vendors alike.

APS Earns 2020 Tech Cares Award

We’re excited to announce that TrustRadius has named APS a 2020 Tech Cares award recipient. TrustRadius is one of the fastest-growing customer voice and insights companies for millions of b2b technology buyers. They created this award to recognize software companies that recently went above and beyond their call of duty during COVID-19.

To determine award recipients, TrustRadius used feedback from actual customers highlighting compassionate technology brands throughout North America. APS is honored to be recognized by TrustRadius as a successful entrepreneur in customer empathy and system development.

What is The Tech Cares Award?

The Tech Cares award celebrates organizations that have demonstrated their service, consideration, and compassion to their professional, local, and global communities in 2020. The award also recognizes companies that have directly contributed products, knowledge, or financial support to combat the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Only 116 organizations nationwide earned this award for their commitment to go above and beyond their call of duty.

TrustRadius Tech Cares 2020 Badge

Tech Cares Scoring Methodology

To receive this award, companies had to meet the following requirements:

  • Customers reviewed the organization, highlighting how it acted selflessly in support of its clients through the pandemic.
  • The TrustRadius community nominated companies that showed outstanding conduct and support during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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From there, the TrustRadius research team vetted each potential winner. The award announcement included words from the nominator or authentic customer review.

Why Does Tech Cares Matter?

According to TrustRadius, this award exemplifies its core value, “being human, in the face of a global crisis.” Companies that received the Tech Cares award have shown compassion and dedication towards their customers. Some Tech Cares award winners offered discounts on their core services or products. Others expanded their offerings to help business owners struggling to navigate the COVID-19 landscape.

This award is important because it can help you make informed software decisions centered around compassion and support. When you know which companies are willing to work with you, you can decide which software you want to keep, replace, or acquire.

How APS Has Helped Businesses Through COVID-19

1. Reduced Manual Calculation Errors

Our initial COVID-19 developments included our Paycheck Protection Program Export and our Qualified Sick Leave Income Types. Both of these updates reduce the need for manual calculations, resulting in fewer data errors for organizations.

24/7 Employee Access

The Paycheck Protection Program Export

This report consolidates loan data and negates the need to calculate projected PPP loan amounts manually. This export includes detailed information that assists employers in calculating the Paycheck Protection loan qualification amount.

Payroll Tax Filing

Separate Qualified Sick Leave Income Types

Additional income types provide a more transparent and easier process for managing employees’ paid sick leave. This update streamlines data for Form 941 reporting of FFCRA tax credits.

In addition to these product releases, we also enhanced our system to automate credits owed to qualified sick employees. This development further eliminated manual calculations and the potential for errors.

Marsala Beverage Logo

Sherry Arnold
VP of Finance, Marsala Beverage

“APS relieved my worries. They added new pay items, new reports, and everything was seamless. Our tax liability was reduced due to the automated tracking of COVID-19.”

2. Streamlined Resources

With the passing of the FFCRA and the CARES Act, APS continued to work diligently to understand how the legislation would impact our customers. APS created COVID-19 response teams, system dashboard tiles, and updated forms, streamlining our customers’ resources.

24/7 Employee Access

COVID-19 Response Team

This team provides expertise and additional support to our clients on all COVID-19 related matters. They also address client questions or concerns and pass feedback to our developers for future product releases and enhancements.


FFCRA Dashboard

This dashboard equips organizations with the information needed to make future financial decisions. It offers an insightful overview of the company’s FFCRA Tax Credit utilization, including the number of employees paid, the amount paid, and the credit taken.


Payroll Tax Filing

COVID-19 Dashboard

This dashboard eliminates the need for HR managers to dig through multiple resources to find relevant information. It displays essential COVID-19 details and links to our COVID-19 Help Center, reports, and other relevant data.

Aaron Johnson, APS President

Aaron Johnson
President and CEO, APS

When we looked at the impact of the pandemic on HR and payroll tasks, our objective was to simplify compliance changes for our customers. We gave our clients an easier way to manage individual needs through our platform, along with access to support and resources, so they didn’t have to navigate this challenging time alone.”

3. Simplified Compliance Tracking

Once we had the proper dashboards, response teams, and products in place, we continued to create reports and forms that simplified legislation changes. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Report, FFCRA Tax Credit Report, and Form 7200 further reduced our customers’ compliance burden.


PPP Loan Forgiveness Report

This report eliminates the need for HR managers and employers to pull loan data from multiple sources manually. It has helped businesses calculate how far along they are in the eight-week PPP forgiveness period.


FFCRA Tax Credit Report

This report removes the need for manual FFCRA tax credit tracking as it provided further clarification on FFCRA tax credit status.



Form 7200

This report reduces IRS submissions with a single form that employers can fill out when employees requested emergency leave under the FFCRA. From there, we handle the filing so employers can receive their tax credits.

APS also enhanced its Payroll Allocation and Department Summary Report to accurately reflect employer portions of Social Security for COVID-related income items in payroll processing. This update helps companies that opted to delay Social Security tax payments under the CARES Act.

Your Ticket To Better Software Decisions

The information-gathering involved in finding or switching to a new provider can be exhausting. Starting the research process with the insight provided by an award like Tech Cares simplifies the vetting process.

Tech Cares strategically exemplifies organizations that have put customers at the front of their operations. You can set your organization up for success by adding a compassionate and committed software provider to your business process.


Our mission is to make payroll and HR easier for our clients. Businesses choose APS as their workforce partner because of our focus on the customer experience. We have worked closely with our customers to ensure we provide the tools and resources they need to navigate difficult times. Even when challenges arise, businesses still need to complete payroll and HR tasks. We know that we only succeed when our clients do too.

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