February, 2018

5 Best HR Blogs You Need to Follow

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5 Best HR Blogs You Need To Follow

One of the best ways for HR managers to stay up-to-date with HR trends is through blogs. Blog articles are a great resource to find important, relevant information in your industry, without being boring or pushy. But with so many HR blogs out on the Internet, how do you know which ones are the best? We’ve put together a list of the top 5 HR blogs you need to be following:

HR Blog

1. HR Bartender

About the blog: HR Bartender was started by Sharlyn Lauby, a former HR pro now turned consultant. Lauby started this blog as a place for people to discuss and debate workplace issues they face every day. In addition to HR Bartender, Lauby has written several books about different aspects of HR including onboarding, best practices for HR managers, and employee motivation.

The topics covered in its “Bar Menu” range from employee engagement and HR law to technology and employee wellness. No HR topic is off limits, and the easygoing, conversational tone of the info-filled articles makes for an enjoyable reader experience. Any of the Ask #HR Bartender articles make for a great, real-world viewpoint too, as they bring insight into the questions employers may have from any industry. It’s not unusual for there to be collaboration with various HR corporations and thought-leaders to help answer Ask #HR Bartender articles, or in just a regular blog article. If you’re looking for a blog which covers a variety of HR topics while providing witty insight into the HR world, then you should definitely bookmark HR Bartender.

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HR Blog

2. Fistful of Talent

About This Blog: Fistful of Talent was the brainchild of Kris Dunn way back in 2007. He created it with the intention of having groups of HR pros, managers, consultants, recruiters, etc to pool together their thoughts and ideas about all things talent related. Today, this blog still brings HR rock stars together to share their unaltered and unashamed individual perspectives on anything to do with talent management (and beyond).

What’s truly fantastic about this blog is the fact that there’s no rose-colored view of anything - just brutal honesty. And it’s extremely refreshing. The authors provide off-the-wall, completely relatable, and simply unique viewpoints on an industry which many people deem “boring.” However, these HR pros completely demolish that stereotype with total ease. If you can’t get enough of their blog articles? They host webinars, too; be on the lookout for upcoming webinar dates and topics on their website. If you want content that gives a little tough love mixed with harsh honesty for motivation, definitely follow Fistful of Talent.

Recent Articles To Check Out By Fistful of Talent:
HR Blog

3. Talent Culture

About This Blog: Talent Culture is focused on the social side of HR. As they put it, “Our passion for innovation, commitment to collaboration, and desire to enhance the workplace shuffle drive our vibrant, open online community.” Their founder and CEO, Meghan M. Biro, saw the need for social “tech” people, and a place for them and their colleagues to come together to share ideas using the social side technology — and so, Talent Culture was born.

Talent Culture’s blog touches on all topics HR-related like recruiting and hiring, talent management, and HR technology trends. Their site goes way beyond blog posts, though. Talent Culture regularly hosts webinars about hot topics in the HR realm. Missed a webinar? No problem - all webinars are on-demand from their website. And if you’re a big-time podcast fan, Meghan herself hosts weekly podcasts and Twitter chats called #WorkTrends. And if you miss out on those or podcasts not really your thing? Talent Culture always publishes #WorkTrends Recap articles on their blog, which cover topics ranging from mood elevators to leadership styles and tips. So if you’d like to actively participate in HR (or really, workplace) conversations or are interested in just seeing what others have to say, we’d definitely recommend checking out Talent Culture.

Recent Articles To Check Out By Talent Culture:
HR Blog

4. Evil HR Lady

About This Blog: The tagline for Evil HR Lady is Demystifying Your Human Resources Department, and this blog does exactly that. The woman behind Evil HR Lady is Suzanne Lucas, and she’s also out to prove once and for all that evil is not, in fact, in HR’s job description; rather, HR works hard round the clock dealing with problems no one else in a company wants to deal with. Lucas promotes discussion within the comments in her articles and encourages HR people to submit their wackiest questions to her (Please note: “Punctuation and capitalization are pluses” when emailing your questions to her).

Evil HR Lady is fierce, sarcastic, and not afraid to tackle truly controversial issues that most blogs might tip-toe around. She talks about disability employment, employment law, ethics in hiring and firing employees, and much, much more. Don’t know what you’re in the mood for? Just click the “Surprise Me” button, and you’ll get a random blog post on your screen for your enjoyment. If dry humor and HR issues are something you’re interested in, you should definitely check out Evil HR Lady.

Recent Articles To Check Out By Evil HR Lady:
HR Blog

5. Workology

About This Blog: Workology (formerly Blogging4jobs) is a Forbes-recognized blog which focuses primarily on providing case studies and “disruptive” discussion tools for HR pros, recruiting professionals, and business leaders within the human capital industry. They have over 100 published writers in addition to their regular contributors who have careers in employment law, HR consultancies, and co-founding organizations. Because they have such a diverse group of authors, they have the ability to propose very intriguing ideas about HR.

Workology’s blog has a little something for everyone, from the intern to the CEO, and their articles include topics about HR, technology, recruiting, and so much more. They even have HR and recruiting-related courses readers can take to further their industry knowledge. Don’t want to take a course? Then check out their library of podcasts, all of which are related to something in the HR industry. What Workology really likes to do is have forward-thinking content. They have lots of “what-if” articles, and their authors really enjoy delving into what could be in the future - no matter if it seems a bit far-fetched. If you enjoy reading content that’s slightly off-kilter but very thought-provoking, then we’d recommend following Workology’s blog.

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HR Blog

Bonus Blog: APS Payroll

About This Blog: We couldn’t leave ourselves off the list, now could we? Here at APS, we focus on the creation of informative articles for HR managers, CFOs, Controllers, and Payroll Managers. Whether you need to know how to increase employee engagement, how to tackle year-end processing, or what the difference is between a W-2 and last pay stub, APS has you covered. APS’s articles are born from the collaboration between all of our departments, including marketing, sales, tax compliance, and even our executive-level team. Because we believe in using our knowledge and expertise to educate.

The APS blog has transformed over the years from a resource for compliance updates to a leading source of thought-provoking articles offering fresh perspectives. Today, the articles found on the APS blog cover a wide range of complex topics with a unique, creative twist. If you enjoy reading content that educates and entertains, then we’d recommend following the APS blog.

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We hope you enjoy gobbling up all the great HR content!

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