May, 2017

The 5 Payroll Pests: Duplicate Time Card Data Entry

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The 5 Payroll Pests: Duplicate Time Card Data Entry

Picture this: your employees have filled out their time cards for the pay period, and submitted them to HR for payroll processing. However, the time card data doesn’t automatically sync to your company’s payroll system, which means your HR department has to spend extra time manually keying in the time card data. Sounds like a waste of time, doesn’t it?

In our five-part series, we have been discussing the five payroll pests that may be wasting your time, while showing you some ways to streamline payroll processing. If you missed part three, we discussed how searching for payroll documents can be a real pain for managers. Next up: Duplicate Time Card Data Entry.

Are You Experiencing Deja Vu?

Have you ever experienced the situation we mentioned above? Manually re-entering payroll data is certainly not anyone’s idea of fun, plus it takes you away from more important and strategic tasks. And if your current time tracking system doesn’t integrate into your payroll platform, then you are probably having to dually enter time card data for every pay period. Depending on the process used, an HR manager has to perform the following tasks for every time card:

  1. Calculate and edit paid time off (PTO).
  2. Extract paid time off data and key it into your time tracking system.
  3. Extract time and attendance data out of your time tracking system.
  4. Key the time and attendance data into your payroll system.

Getting Duped by Duplication

To give you a better understanding of how much time this process can take, let’s say that your company has 100 employees. You HR manager has to go through these four steps for all of your employees - that’s 400 tasks for time cards alone. Believe us when we say that’s just too much work!

Not only does duplicate data entry take up precious time, it can also cause errors in payroll processing. It’s very easy to accidentally record 100 hours instead of 10 hours for an employee’s time card, and by the time you catch the mistake, it could be too late. This can lead to overpaying or underpaying your employees or even reporting incorrect wages to the IRS. That’s not including the issues regarding ACA compliance or benefits administration due to incorrect employee data.

Duplication doesn’t always have to do with hours either; business names could be written out or abbreviated depending on who is inputting the data, a person could put their nickname instead of their legal name, etc. There several ways in which a duplication can occur, causing major confusion for any who has to go in and pull information for reports.

Working off duplicate or dirty records could also damage your credibility. Customers demand more personalized interactions with brands … and incorrect data could highlight how ill-informed you are about your customer base.

Jim Fowler

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Stop Wasting Time on Duplicate Time Card Data Entry

Don’t worry, there is a better way to enter time card data into your payroll software - and you only have to do it once! By utilizing an automated HR platform that uses a centralized database to house all of your employee data, time and attendance data seamlessly flows into your payroll processing, saving your business both time and money. When your workforce management database has clean and accurate data, you are better managing your company’s compliance and risk.

In other words, instead of having 400 tasks for time cards, an automated time card data entry system can reduce that ratio to one task for every fifty time cards. If you’re looking to scale your business processes in order to get more stuff done with the least amount of people and time wasted, then automation of time card data entry is clearly the way to go.

Stay tuned for the final part in our five-part series about Payroll Pests!

How APS can help

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