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Tech Cares Blog 2021

TrustRadius has named APS a 2021 Tech Cares Award recipient. Learn more about how this helps customers and vendors alike.

APS Earns the Tech Cares Award from TrustRadius

We’re excited to announce that TrustRadius has named APS a 2021 Tech Cares award recipient for the second year in a row. This year, TrustRadius expanded Tech Cares to recognize more exceptional organizations that demonstrate compassion in every aspect of their company

TrustRadius used verified reviews and ratings from actual customers highlighting compassionate B2B technology brands throughout the United States to determine award recipients. APS is honored to be recognized by TrustRadius as a socially responsible organization promoting a positive work culture.

What is the Tech Cares Award?

The Tech Cares award celebrates organizations that have demonstrated their service, consideration, and compassion to their professional, local, and global communities. While TrustRadius created the Tech Cares award due to the past year’s difficulties, it has become a beacon of inspiration.

This recognition program has grown to celebrate the best parts of the technology space and those who work in this industry. Only 100 organizations nationwide earned this award for their commitment to go above and beyond their call of duty.

How Tech Care Winners were Selected

Companies were nominated based on the following categories:

The TrustRadius research team vetted each nominated organization. The award announcement included words from the nominator or authentic customer review.

Why Does Tech Cares Matter?

In its second year, the Tech Cares award has grown to recognize the sense of community, loyalty, and compassion tech companies expressed in the aftermath of the pandemic. Some Tech Cares award winners made substantial investments in its people through paid leave programs and inclusion programs, just when they needed it most. Others used their products and offerings to give back to communities in need.

This award is important because it can help you make informed software decisions centered around compassion and support. When you know which companies are giving back to the community and taking care of their employees, you gain a better understanding of how they treat their customers.

How APS Supports a Healthy Work Culture

APS’ mission is to make payroll and HR easier. To accomplish our mission, we commit to taking care of our employees because satisfied workers positively impact customers and the community. Like many other businesses during the pandemic, our workforce became more dispersed with off-site and on-site employees. As an essential business, APS was responsible to our employees and customers to continue operating with no disruption.

APS also needed to determine a solution for employees dealing with challenges like school and child care closures. We needed to adapt to an ever-changing situation while supporting our employees and customers. Therefore, APS decided to implement two major initiatives to foster a healthy work culture with quality inclusion:

Flexible Work Schedule

To maintain a positive workplace culture, APS implemented a flexible work schedule. This new approach to employee schedules made it possible to continue business operations while taking care of our staff. A flexible work schedule provides employees with peace of mind and job security while navigating these uncertain times.

Technology Investment

We adopted technology platforms like Slack,, and Talkdesk to improve communication between employees and departments. We also invested in equipment upgrades to ensure our employees have the means to succeed no matter where they work. These technologies allow our employees to be more efficient and productive, so they can continue providing the exceptional level of support our customers deserve.

Caring for Our Employees First

Providing a flexible work schedule and utilizing the right mix of technology allowed APS to try different initiatives and see what works best for our staff. Being open to testing new policies allows APS to be more adaptive to our employees’ varying circumstances. By setting our employees up for success, we are also bolstering customer satisfaction. These efforts also support our core values:

Do the Right Thing

At APS, we have the mindfulness to know the right thing, the courage to do it, and the trust it will take us toward our goals.

Be Your Best

We use every challenge as an opportunity to make a difference and reach our full potential.

Serve Others

We look for ways to help our colleagues, customers, and community to improve the world around us.

Find the Fun

We enjoy our work and laugh every day to create a positive and productive culture.

Aaron Johnson, APS President

Aaron Johnson

President and CEO, APS
“Here at APS, our focus is on people more than profit. We have to make sure our employees thrive so that our customers are successful. The pandemic presented us all with unique challenges and situations that were beyond our control, so we had to adapt with intention,” said Aaron Johnson, President and CEO at APS. “By adopting a flexible work schedule and investing in technology to improve communication, we can make better decisions that foster a healthy work culture with quality inclusion.”

“APS Payroll has earned the 2021 Tech Cares award for supporting its employees through the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Meghan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “By implementing a more flexible work schedule, APS Payroll prioritized employee satisfaction. They also managed to deliver excellent customer service under difficult circumstances.”

Supporting Better Software Decisions

Researching software providers can be overwhelming. It’s challenging to know what a partnership will be like without committing. Using the insight provided by awards like Tech Cares makes the vetting process easier.

Tech Cares highlights tech companies that are stepping up and making a difference. Putting employees first also places priority on customer support. A partnership with a compassionate and committed software provider is invaluable.

Tech Cares strategically exemplifies organizations that have put customers at the front of their operations. You can set your organization up for success by adding a compassionate and committed software provider to your business process.


Our mission is to make payroll and HR easier for our clients. Businesses choose APS as their workforce partner because of our focus on the customer experience. We have worked closely with our employees and customers to provide the tools and resources they need to navigate difficult times. We know that when our employees succeed, our customers succeed.

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