August, 2011

APS Payroll Q2 Results and Updates

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APS Payroll Q2 Results and Updates

APS Realizes 23% Revenue Growth Over Second Quarter 2010

APS is a national payroll processing and workforce management solutions provider. The company made significant strides in its 2011 growth targets. In the second quarter it also released significant, customer-driven enhancements to its leading payroll, HRIS and time & attendance software, APS OnLine.

APS Expands to Meet Growing Demand for Its Payroll Processing Services

To meet the growing demand for its payroll processing, time & attendance, and HRIS solutions, APS added support staff to its Shreveport, LA headquarters. These dedicated account managers bring over 15 years combined payroll experience to support APS customers.

APS continued to expand its inside sales staff, which will market the APS time & attendance, payroll and HRIS services to all major U.S. markets. The outside sales staff also grew, adding a dedicated representative supporting the Mid-Market segment of Houston, Texas.

Enhancement of APS OnLine Continues to Meet Mid-Size Businesses’ Needs

APS introduced a number of updates and new features to its flagship SaaS product, APS OnLine.


Pay Clock Pro was added to the list of 18 time & attendance/POS integrations supported by APS OnLine. These integrations allow clients to merge their existing time-keeping systems with the APS OnLine payroll and workforce management system.

APS OnLine offers more than 25 integrations merging payroll data from APS OnLine with accounting and 401K software packages. Second quarter integrations include developments with the Compeat Restaurant Management System and Fringe Benefits Design’s 401K product.

Enhanced Labor Expense Analytics and Report Filtering

The daily labor expense report was augmented for a large regional healthcare client to enable the salary expense to be viewed on a daily basis. This gives customers a truer account of daily labor expense. Hospitality clients can use it to compare occupancy to labor expense, while health care clients might view patient to labor expense to better manage staffing requirements.

Continuing the enhancements in reporting metrics, the existing labor expense report now allows companies with multiple sites or locations to isolate a specific location for analysis.

In response to customer requests, an option to filter by pay group in the time entry grid of a payroll batch was added. The non-profit agency requesting this enhancement has multiple pay groups, each of which uses a different time-keeping system. Filtering by pay group allows the client to import data for each pay group, verify the totals and then move to the next pay group.

Customers using the APS check and report printing service now have an option to receive a Check Sign-Off report in their payroll report packet. This document may be used to have employees certify receipt of their paycheck.

Improved Accrual Tracking

Companies using eselfserve.com, the employee companion site to APS OnLine, now have the option of restricting employees from requesting more time off than they have available. This is the first step in restricting employees’ accrual balances from entering a negative balance.

APS OnLine users can now temporarily suspend the accrual of an individual employee’s plan with the Suspend Accruals option. This option will cease the accumulation of accrual hours on a payroll, but will still decrease the available balance if accruals are used. This is a valuable option for employees utilizing FMLA or other leave types for which they may be paid or use available accrual balances, but should not accrue.

APS Responds to FUTA Surtax Expiration to Keep Customers Compliant

APS’s compliance department immediately implemented the FUTA surtax expiration. Rather than wait to see if Congress would extend the 0.2 percent surtax at any point in 2011, and then issue refunds for tax overpayments, APS began processing payrolls processed after June 30 at the new FUTA effective rate of 0.6 percent.

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