June, 2011

APS Q1 Software Updates

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APS Q1 Software Updates

Since the 2010 release of the fifth version of APS OnLine, the APS Inc. development team has made strides in updating and advancing its features and capabilities.

In the first quarter of 2011, a number of new reporting features and integrations were released into the web-based workforce management solution.

Time & Attendance Integrations

ETAS (Employer Time & Attendance System) and Ticketsoft were added to the 17 existing time and attendance/POS solutions APS OnLine supports. An enhancement was made to the Digital Dining POS time import to update APS with employee rates and departments in Digital Dining upon import.

General Ledger Integrations

APS OnLine now integrates with more than 25 accounting packages, including:

  • Mas 90
  • Creative Solutions
  • Activant Eagle
  • Jensabar

Positive Pay

APS OnLine is protecting more users from fraud by offering positive pay transmissions with Wachovia, Capital One and Regions Bank.

New Standard Reports

The Report Manager of APS OnLine is available to every user. It features four new reports to make finding data easier.

  • Accrual Liability lists the financial liability of hourly employees’ benefit accruals, on a particular check date.
  • Average Employee Count helps users report the average number of employees employed in a calendar year.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics shows employee counts by gender, as well as income hour totals and liabilities.
  • Wage Change Report displays hourly and salary rate changes and the user who made them.

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